A couple of small baseball questions [on hold]



Q: Why do baseball managers, unlike coaches of other professional sports teams, wear uniforms?

A: This goes back to the early days of baseball, when managers were often also players and had to wear uniforms to play. That was not the case for early basketball coaches, or for most early hockey and football coaches. Although player-managers had become scarce by the mid-1900s (Pete Rose of the 1986 Reds was the last), the tradition of wearing the uniform remained. Only two managers, Connie Mack of the Philadelphia Athletics from 1901 to 1950, and Burt Shotton of the Brooklyn Dodgers in the late 1940s, have ever gone against the tradition by wearing suits during the games. The official rules say that “coaches” must wear uniforms. But although they are the equivalent of coaches in other sports, baseball managers are managers, and, therefore, not held to the rule.

Q: Why do baseball games begin at five minutes after the hour or half-hour, at times like...

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Jake was a diehard baseball fan and he and one of his friends used to watch every single game. As they were crazy about the game, they used to throw each other trivia about baseball. If the person being asked the question did not know the answer, the person asking the question used to give the answer. The condition for asking a question was that the person asking the question should know the answer.

Wow! Do you also do this amongst your friends? Isn't it cool to flaunt your knowledge to others about anything which you might be passionate about? In case you have not done that about baseball yet, check out these questions and answers and dazzle them all!

Q: What shortstop holds the major league records for games played, assists and double plays?
A Ozzie Smith

Q: What baseball announcer said Pope Paul VI's death "puts a damper on even a Yankees win"?
A: Phil Rizzuto
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Q: Who was the first player to win the Triple Crown...

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Hi all

I've got OPF GOTY and the original and OPF:E. Now everytime I've played the game I've come across different storylines (well missions), eg, in OPF GOTY I remember one mission as James Gastovski (not sure of the spelling) and the mission was to get into the enemy base and get information (Guba's plans) from Guba's house. This mission was not in the OPF:E campaign I just played. Does the storyline vary on how you are doing overall, or is it based on difficulty?

On another note, I have a query in relation to communicating to one's troops prior to engagement in OPF:E...I've got through Veteran in OFP:E with my troops 'keeping low'...I don't know how they survive 'caus they're mostly standing.

Is there no all 'Danger' setting? So as to get them crouching, it bugs me that they're all standing, when I know troops aren't supposed to do that when they've stopped moving (and no, I don't want them prone )

That's all I have to ask

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Title Length Color Rating - Right now in America, the world of sports is constantly changing and growing to make the sports safer and fairer. People want sports to be as exciting and thrilling as before, but without the human error that may turn some baseball fans away. Along with this fear, people also want every sport to be as fair as possible, and by doing this most sports have incorporated an instant replay rule. This spring will be the first that the review rule will be in effect, it is a radical decision and game changing because baseballs history is so rich and its structured has not been changed in so long.... [tags: Sports, baseball, MLB]
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(3.9 pages) Strong Essays [preview] - Baseball is an American icon. It is the Statue of Liberty, the bald eagle, ‘In God We Trust,’ Mount Rushmore, ice cream, apple pie, hot dogs, and rally monkeys. BASEBALL IS AMERICA.” At one time baseball held the hearts and captivated the minds of the...
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Photo: Lisa OlneyBuster Olney

Last week we solicited your questions for ESPN baseball reporter and analyst Buster Olney. There were a lot of really interesting questions, and I think Buster chose well; moreover, his answers are excellent — especially, in my view, his last one. Along the way, he addresses the Steroid Era, budgetary and expansion issues, and how he came to be called Buster. Thanks to all for participating.


The N.B.A., N.F.L., and N.H.L. all have much stronger salary caps relative to M.L.B. What is the likelihood of M.L.B. moving to a true salary cap in the near future? And, in your opinion, would this move be good for the game? — David


David, I don’t think there will ever be a true salary cap in Major League Baseball, not only because the union won’t necessarily go along with it, but also because teams like the Red Sox and Yankees and Mets probably don’t want it, either. This is why Wellington Mara‘s decision to put the interests of...

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– The “Day at the Park’’ fundraiser for Cold Spring baseball started with the Silver Springers, the 35-and-older state champions, taking on the Richmond Royals from the Stearns County League.

Dave Hinkemeyer, 51, was on the mound for Cold Spring’s senior team, throwing to his longtime catcher, Rod Schafer, 53.

Hinkemeyer was asked: “How many games have you thrown to Schafer?’’

He thought and said: “Rod started here in 1986. So, almost 30 years … 300, I’d guess.’’

Hinkemeyer used his variety of off-speed pitches to hold off several threats by the Richmond youngsters and came away with a 1-0 shutout in the seven-inning game.

When the game was over, Hinkemeyer, Schafer and other Silver Springers celebrated by raking the area around home plate, the pitcher’s mound and the bases.

“That’s the way it’s done at this ballpark,’’ said Bill Huls, the manager of the Silver Springers. “If you play a game or have a practice here, you work the field...

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Featured question – full quiz follows.

Who is the only pitcher to lead both the NL and AL in shutouts – in the same season?

C.C Sabathia, who started the 2008 season with the AL Indians and went 6-8, with a 3.83 ERA and 2 shutouts (which tied with 7 others for the AL lead) and, in July, was traded to the NL Brewers and went 11-2 with a 1.65 ERA and 3 shutouts (which tied teammate Ben Sheets for the NL lead.)

BaseBallRoundTable Trivia Top 99

After more than two decades – and more than 1,200 “Kwestions” – as the St. Paul, Minnesota-based Ball Park Tours Kwizmaster, your BaseballRoundTable.com editor is offering up a list of the BBRT’s 99 favorite baseball trivia questions (everybody does a top 100, and 99 formats better) – all tested by intrepid Ball Park Tours participants during long stints of baseball, beverages and bus rides. Some represent important milestones or events that committed baseball fans should be aware of, others document...

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Boys U11 Graham Oswald
Rawling Tigers Black - Oswald
Select Major/AAA 314-691-3350

***Edited 7/25 - Due to the closure of the Lafayette fields, the tryout has been moved to 1827 Shiloh Woods Rd., Wildwood, MO 63005. Graham Oswald's Rawlings Tigers Black team is having a tryout on Monday, July 25th at 6:30 at the Lafayette High School baseball/softball practice field, which is located in the corner of the school property beyond the football practice field. We are looking for several high level select ballplayers that will play at the 11U level for fall 2016/spring 2017. This is a tryout for Graham Oswald's team only and are not part of the tryouts for entire the Rawlings Tigers organization. We are highly successful and are one of the top teams in St. Louis and the Midwest with many championships to our credit. We have a great group of families and provide high level instruction while having a ton of fun. Please call me...

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Former starting center Lewis among Seahawks roster cuts

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Diaz blows first save on walk-off HR, M’s fall to Rangers 8-7

6 hours ago by Bob Dutton Pac-12 is deep and competitive, but may again lack national power Vikings QB Bridgewater suffers complete tear of ACL in left knee Solo will not play for Seattle Reign again this season Serena cruises to win at U.S. Open despite sore shoulder Mariners notebook: Ailing hand keeps Cruz out of lineup See More All Sports Sports: Herald Voices

C Patrick Lewis headlines cuts as Seahawks get down to 75

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Report: Seahawks cutting cornerback Brandon Browner

1 day ago by Nick Patterson VIDEO: Richard Sherman on Colin Kaepernick’s anthem stance Video of Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, plus Avril talks Romo Hunting and fishing license sales resumed after hack attempt Seahawks 27, Cowboys 17, Seattle’s 1st-team...
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The biggest news regarding this year’s draft broke a couple of weeks ago when we learned that Barnegat High School (N.J.) left-hander Jason Groome – a strong candidate to become the No. 1 overall selection in June – was temporarily suspended for violating a transfer rule.

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association requires that any athlete who transfers schools without changing addresses must sit out the first 30 days of the season or half of the team’s total number of games. According to multiple media reports, the NJSIAA found Groome violated that rule when he transferred to Barnegat for his senior season after spending last year at IMG Academy in Florida. In other words, because his parents didn’t move with him to IMG – which is a boarding school – he didn’t provide the “bona fide change of residence” as outlined in the NJISAA’s bylaws. Because of the ineligibility ruling, Barnegat forfeited both games in which Groome has pitched, erasing the 19-strikeout...

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