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The Spring Colt 1911 Pistol Airsoft Gun is one the highest quality spring powered Airsoft guns around. The heavy weight design gives the gun a remarkably similar weight and feel to the real steel. The Colt 1911 Pistol is based on the classic 1911 - t
The possibility to experience Battlefield 4
Seriously. Be careful. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail because there are several different types and brands of guns in existence
Technically precision barrels do not require high quality BBs. They require BBs that are spherical in shape and smaller than the bore diameter. There is nothing wrong with low cost or low quality BBs so long as they are not defective BBs as in they p
If I wanted to get into airsoft as a player new to the sport, what would be the bare minimum kit I'd need to purchase before going to a game as a walk-on player that would ensure my weapon and I are permitted at any site worldwide? Assume that kit in
What year did safety glass become mandatory in automobiles? I'm really trying to find out safety glass in camper shells. What year did it become mandatory? I also need to know where I can find the information, because I have to quote my sources. Than
DFizzlio: I'm bummed because my XCR-C's crane stock is having real troubles opening. The two tabs take extreme force to open and it's really annoying I'm not quite sure why. Haven Sadlock: Thanks definitely the best one on YouTube J
The Battlefield 4 Support class is a multi-purpose heavy weapon class that can provide suppressing fire, disperse ammo, and more