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The basic rules of squash are fairly simple. First the winner of the toss gets to choose which side they want to serve from and alternates sides until they lose a point. The toss is typically done by spinning the racquet, with one player guessing whe
How runs are scored and teams win a match In cricket, a run is running the length of the pitch, and is a basic means of scoring. A single run (known as a "single") is scored when a batsman (known as the "striker") has hit the ball with their bat and
My fantasy team uses a playoff system that Bill Simmons suggested a few years ago. In order to study it, I'd like to run Monte Carlo simulations of last year's post-season. To do so, I need to be able to compute the win probability for a pair of team
The curve of a cricket bat has several functions
One key thing to keep in mind is that the FIFA ranking does not indicate how strong a team is but how well they have done. As the ranking procedure indicates, it only uses results of past games to give a score. Citing results from 2010 is also slight
I would advise not using a back garden because it is really easy to miss and it doesn't take much to distract an archer, especially if you have not had practice at a range. To answer your question, a standard archery range is between 12 and 16m. When
Doosra and teesra, both these bowling techniques were invented to deceive the batsman. Doosra and teesra both are Urdu words which means "the second one" and "the third one" respectively. Doosra is the technique use by an off spin bowler and it resul
Remember step-in bindings? They were shit. But their total lack of success hasn’t stopped someone else trying to save you burning the two calories it takes to bend down and strap in. Introducing Instinctive Bindings, who claim to have created the ult
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