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Although i cant cite an official view on this but i think the order of using different technologies in DRS is based on logic of eliminating the options. DRS is mostly used in 3 situations, "caught behind wicket", "caught by close-in fielders" & "
Generally heavy weights are used for building bulk and low weights are used for toning/power. Based on how you want to build strength for your arms and the limitations that you have, I don't think the weights will help you much. You'll want to work o
Actually, yes, it would be your point if it hits your opponent before touching the ground - but only if the ball has not passed the end of the table already. Rule 2. 10
Khandu Rangnekar, June 27, 1917, was widely considered the best Indian left-handed batsman of his times. Abhishek Mukherjee looks back at a domestic cricket champion, a badminton star, and an ambidextrous fielder. The story was narrated to veteran cr
You can also get 2 points for a safety, when the offensive team commits an infraction or is tackled in their own end zone. In addition to scoring 2 points, the defending team also receives the ball via a free kick. They are rare, but there have alrea
The Australian Tri-Series refers to the one day international (ODI) cricket tournament held in Australia, and contested by Australia and two touring teams. The series is played during the height of the Australian cricket season, in the summer months
NO. Rule 6. 10(b) 2 It is not mandatory that a club designate a hitter for the pitcher, but failure to do so prior to the game precludes the use of a Designated Hitter for that club for that game
In several team sports, matches are played in two halves. Half-time is the name given to the. In the NFL (National Football League), halftime is usually around 12 minutes
As per tradition, the NFL had their Honors Awards announced on the eve of the Super Bowl. In addition to the annual awards, this is when the new Hall of Fame class is announced. For 2017, the Detroit Lions were once again shut out of both announcemen
The rules regarding berth in the semi-finals/finals in case of equal points are defined for particular tournament. E. g