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This actually happened to the recent club cricket game I played last week. We needed 6 runs off 11 balls and had 3 wickets in hand. One of the batsman played a shot and ball was rolling slowly towards the boundary line and all of a sudden a kid(~7 ag
Andrea Pirlo comes up with 18 titles if you count only club and international titles. He's won numerous individual awards as well. Also an olympic bronze :) My second guess would be Thierry Henry, who has had an impressive career of 23 titles, includ
The New York Yankees faced a tight spot on July 9 at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Their newly acquired starting pitcher, Brandon McCarthy, had gutted his way through 6. 2 innings, lacking his best stuff but still holding the Indians to four runs,
Lifting much of my answer heavily from Wax Eagle's answer here: From MLB rule 5. 09(c)(2) [The runner is out on appeal when] With the ball in play, while advancing or returning to a base, he fails to touch each base in order before he, or a missed ba
ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): I think this is terrible. I think they can move the debate. You can move it by a day or move it by several hours
How the Castrol Index is calculated The Castrol Index tracks every touch of the ball by a player on the field and assesses whether it has a positive or negative impact on a team’s ability to score or concede a goal. A key factor for all areas of perf
In the Tour, a colored jersey is generally associated with each prize, and the current holder of the prize is required to wear the jersey when racing. The rider leading a classification at the end of a stage is required to wear the corresponding jers