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This page is designed to help answer your questions and find important information. About the NSR Kanga CupQ1. When did the NSR Kanga Cup start? The NSR Kanga Cup was first held in 1991 in Sydney but moved to Canberra in 1993
The player eligibility rules, while not set in stone, are based on avoiding any contractual conflicts between various parties connected to the CLT20. All participating players, nearly irrespective of their club, typically have to submit a NOC(No-Obje
In baseball, an earned run is any run that was not necessarily enabled by a fielding error or a passed ball. In other words, an unearned run is one run that would not have been scored without the aid of an error or a passed ball committed by the defe
It is a method is used in cricket to calculate the target score when the match is interrupted and the required quota is not completed. Most of the time this is used for matches which were stopped due to rain. An alternative method for this is Jayadev
In non limited overs cricket (i. e. 5 day test match cricket or 4 day 'First class' cricket), there are almost no restrictions on where fielders can be positioned, the only restriction being a limit of two players behind square on the leg side
A team time trial (TTT) is a road-based bicycle race in which teams of cyclists race against the clock (see individual time trial for a more detailed description of ITT events). Teams start at equal intervals, usually two, three or four minutes apart
Gillian Margaret Clark, MBE (born 2 September 1961) is a former English badminton player who specialized in doubles and is currently a badminton television commentator. Known for her consistency and tenacity, Clark won two bronze medals at the World
No, the quarterback or offensive captain has to notify the referee in order for an offensive lineman to be an eligible receiver. The exception is if the offensive lineman to be eligible is also an offensive captain. This is found in the NFL rulebook
What are all the over formats used in ODI history? As already mentioned 40, 45, 55, 60, 50 and 35 overs. When did the 50-overs format for one-day international matches comes in practice? I didn't find any source or article where it is mentioned. But
Player preparing to take a penalty kick, 2013. A penalty kick (more commonly known as a penalty) is a method of restarting play in association football, in which a player is allowed to take a shot on the goal while it is defended only by the opposing