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Sledging is used to diverse a Player's mind from his game and make him difficult to concentrate on his game which affects its performance in the game. Sledging is used as master weapon by many international cricket teams like Australia,England and We
The Rio Olympics ended with a spectacular carnival-inspired closing ceremony, and the official handover to 2020 hosts Tokyo. The colourful ceremony, lasting almost three hours, celebrated Brazil's arts and was held in a wet Maracana. Among the highli
While watching a New York Mets game early this season, before one plate appearance the broadcast graphics displayed that catcher John Buck had a batting average (AVG) of . 400 and an on-base percentage (OBP) of . 396
First of all, you should be aware that at professional levels, the (jump) smash is the shot to end a rally (or to prepare a kill shot). Especially in doubles, but also high-level (Men's) singles, players fight for the chance to smash downwards, i. e
As stated on the Mongoose website: We believe that when a ball gets hit, it should stay hit. That’s why we design our bats with two principal advantages over anything else in cricket: faster bat speed and bigger sweet spots. Also: The bat’s extra pow
Find the right speed. Firing the ball from the rocket launcher that is your bowling arm may seem like a good idea at first, but it's not necessarily the most accurate way to throw. Extra force will often leave pins on the floor that softer and more a
A third-down conversion attempt occurs when a team runs a third-down play and either succeeds in getting the first down (or a touchdown), or fails and goes to fourth down. The clock doesn't stop a play; if the clock runs to 0, the half ends when the
European basketball players can apply for draft, just as any other player in world (USA colleague or high school player). Most of them are already scouted by some teams. All NBA teams participate in draft lottery
Are there such things as telepathy and hypnosis? Or are they just the products of some people’s imagination? Telepathy means that you are able to pick up messages from someone else (1). Somehow you communicate without any apparent messages changing h
This is governed by Rule 7. 10 [The runner is out on appeal when] With the ball in play, while advancing or returning to a base, he fails to touch each base in order before he, or a missed base, is tagged. So if you miss a bag on your home run trot,