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In Golf, can you choose to play down the 'wrong' fairway? This depends on local course rules. Courses define out-of-bounds. Do fences, lines, and/or stakes mark out-of-bounds boundaries? Some courses mark boundaries per each hole, which means you can
First off, the strike zone is a mystical thing sometimes. While there are specific guidelines, some umpires change it a little based on the height or size of the batter. Most of the time, batters swing at these pitches because from the pitchers windu
8-Ball is a very popular game worldwide. However, as you noted in your question, there are competing sets of rules. Unlike other sports, there is no single authority for pool that sets the rules for this game
Not only does boxing currently have the ten-second KO rule and the ancillary TKO rule (in which a referee can stop a fight at any time if it looks like the consequences of keeping the fight going are greater than charging a guy a loss - this happens
by Tom GaylordWriting as B. B. Pelletier Gamo’s Compact single stroke target pistol
Answering your main question: Why some of matches remains tie and some goes to superover? The decision of keeping the match tie or go for tie breaker like Super Over depends on a particular series. Mostly, tie breaker is used in the series between mo
As stated in the Official NHL (National Hockey League) Rulebook in rule 76. 6, players must comply by the following standards, otherwise it will result in a face-off violation: i) Encroachment by any player other than the center into the face-off are
Typically a sign and trade is a maneuver that is used by teams and players to allow a player to make more money than he would have otherwise been able to make by just signing a contract with his new team. NBA teams (particularly the ones like the Hea
I saw quite a lot of tutorials about backward skating -- how to stop, start, turn, spin, crossover, crossunder, you name it. But no single tutorial show how to skate backwards in a "straight" line. So my question is, assume you have to skate 1 km in