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The only difference I notice is that "has been subject to criticism" may be considered to be stylistically better than the mere passive "has been criticized. " The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English presents us with other possible forms of sa
Martin is completely correct "First Service" is the percentage of first serves that were not a fault, and "First Service Won" is the percentage of points you've won on first serves that weren't faults. For the record, the first statistic is pretty mu
By this point in the season all NFL teams have injury problems, but some are worse than others. Are there any available measures of the extent of each team's issues? Perhaps the total cap charge for all players who are not suiting up for a given week
There was a Cricinfo article which discussed the number of balls in an over, and which suggested (emphasis added): There is no recorded reason for the moves from four balls to five and from five to six. But it is understood that the shortness of four
This is known as water training. Training with water far before an eating competition is very common. The act of chugging a gallon of water quickly over a long period of time will indeed stretch your stomach
A pin is only considered fallen when it is knocked down or knocked off the lane surface. In the case you mentioned, where the pin slid but did not fall during your second ball, the pin would be considered left standing, and it would not be a spare. I
If the cue ball is shot and is resting on the rail, it is considered not in play. According to the United States Professional Pool Players Association Rule 3. b, this occurrence would result in a break foul
The point values were chosen to give the desired relative weight between a free throw (1 point), a field goal (2 points), and a three-point goal (3 points). Originally, when Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891, goals were worth
Climbing on a teammate is illegal. In the NCAA, this is a Class B technical foul. When this occurs, two free throws are awarded to any member of the other team
“The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does”. Rightly quoted by Phil Woosnam, the game of football only involves kicking the ball from one end to the other