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A player is consulted with before designated to I. R. They could have a long fingernail and be put on I
You can also get 2 points for a safety, when the offensive team commits an infraction or is tackled in their own end zone. In addition to scoring 2 points, the defending team also receives the ball via a free kick. They are rare, but there have alrea
As per tradition, the NFL had their Honors Awards announced on the eve of the Super Bowl. In addition to the annual awards, this is when the new Hall of Fame class is announced. For 2017, the Detroit Lions were once again shut out of both announcemen
No, the quarterback or offensive captain has to notify the referee in order for an offensive lineman to be an eligible receiver. The exception is if the offensive lineman to be eligible is also an offensive captain. This is found in the NFL rulebook
The replay official is supposed to let the ruling on the field stand unless there is "indisputable video evidence" that the wrong call was made. From the NCAA Football 2013 and 2014 Rules and Interpretations, Rule 12 (Instant Replay), Section 1, Arti
A third-down conversion attempt occurs when a team runs a third-down play and either succeeds in getting the first down (or a touchdown), or fails and goes to fourth down. The clock doesn't stop a play; if the clock runs to 0, the half ends when the
FILE – This Aug. 9, 2014 file photo shows an NFL logo on a goal post padding before a preseason NFL football game between the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns at Ford Field in Detroit. Major sponsors including Anheuser-Busch and Visa added to t
The reason for IR is to free up space on the team's 53-man roster if a player has an injury that makes him unable to play for the rest of the season. Once a player is assigned to IR, that player's roster spot is now available on the teams roster. Thi
No No that is just crazy. If your offensive line laid down that might be the last snap your QB plays. When my oldest son was playing pee-wee football he was so fast and low off the ball (smallest kid on the team) that no one could block him
By this point in the season all NFL teams have injury problems, but some are worse than others. Are there any available measures of the extent of each team's issues? Perhaps the total cap charge for all players who are not suiting up for a given week