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The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test (formerly known as the Wonderlic Personnel Test) is a popular group intelligence test used to assess the aptitude of prospective employees for learning and problem-solving in a range of occupations. The Wonderlic
The 2,000-yard club is a group of seven National Football League (NFL) running backs that have rushed for 2,000 or more yards in a season. [1] These seven rushing seasons rank as the highest single-season rushing totals in NFL history,[2] and reachin
The simple answer is that a football team will decline a penalty anytime they think that the loss of down with the result of the play is better for them than rerunning the down and taking the penalty yards. This is really a judgement call. In the cas
American football, referred to as football in the United States and Canada, and also known as gridiron, is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end. The offense, the team with control of the oval
The 2016 NCAA football season begins Labor Day weekend. When is the 2016 College Football Preseason AP Poll release date? College football fans all across the country are bursting at the seams in anticipation for what expects to be another exciting N
I think there is a push to get rid of the ball quickly. Due to the reasons you stated. However there are successful QB's that have slower release times than the league average
Wikipedia has a list of NFL win-loss records for each of the current 32 NFL teams. The list includes all games that each team has played in, including regular season and playoffs, from each team's first season in the NFL through the 2014 Super Bowl.
The strong side is the side where the Tight End is lined up. Usually the right side, to help the Right Tackle block and provide a check-down option to the Quarterback. Now, the (a bit) more long explanation: The Football rules require the Offense to
Quoted from the Washington Post In the NFL’s preseason experiment, the ball will be placed at the 15-yard line, making for a 33-yard extra point. Two-point conversion attempts will continue to come from the 2-yard line. Other articles referencing 15
For the defense, there are three zones: the line (ends and tackles), behind the line (linebackers) and the backfield (cornerbacks and safetys. ) The x-y-z defenese refers to the number of men on the line, linebackers and backfield respectively, that