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College rankings sort of matter. NFL power rankings don't at all. There are a number of factors here, but let's examine what the two are, so we can make sure we know how apples to oranges this comparison really is
First you have two questions here. The first regarding circumstantial analysis about when to punt and so forth. ESPN has done many simulations on when the computers say you should punt, kick, or go for it
In the NFL the snap must be taken by someone who is not on the line of scrimmage - so none of the 5 ineligible receivers can be the first to handle a snap (guard grabbing snap for instance). The only caveat to this is anyone can touch the ball once i
Jeff Long (chair), Barry Alvarez, Mike Gould, Pat Haden, Tom Jernstedt, Oliver Luck, Archie Manning, Tom Osborne, Dan Radakovich, Condoleezza Rice, Mike Tranghese, Steve Wieberg and Tyrone Willingham. Those are the people on the selection committee.
Notre Dame became Notre Dame because it was one of the best football schools in the early days of college football, when a great coach with a few interesting strategies could make all the difference in the quality of a school's team. They then manage
He won three super bowls (92,93,95), plus a college football championship (while injured), in 1985. He wasn't a member of any coaching staffs who won championships, as far as I can tell - he's been a commentator since his retirement, for Fox. From lo
In the NFL, there are injury designations. The injury designations indicate what percentage or chance that they'll play for that given day. The NFL specifically has one that outlines them based on percentages: Inactive (IA) - Players are officially i
CFL: There are 3 downs. There are 12 men per team on the field at one time. The field is 110 yards long and 65 yards wide
1) It depends on the bookmaker. Traditionally, things like the total, money line, and spread will be set before the game starts. During the game it is possible to choose these same bets for halves of the game and sometimes even quarters of the game
There are many different opinions about this, and there is no consensus. That being said, circumstances are more important than the actual number. In general, there is no particular week number that is any better than any other for all teams