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It depends how closely you want to define "home. " If we say that a home Super Bowl would be one that takes place in the same metro area as a team, then two teams have had a home Super Bowl. Super Bowl XIV (1979-80) at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Cali
COMPLETED OR INTERCEPTED PASS Article 3 Completed or Intercepted Pass. A player who makes a catch may advance the ball. A forward pass is complete (by the offense) or intercepted (by the defense) if a player, who is inbounds: (a) secures control of t
Brees' statistics already have surpassed many of Young's and Warner's. Barring injury, Brees will wind up being in the group with Montana, Brady, Manning, Elway and Bradshaw and his statistics are reflecting that as his completion yardage averages be
They quickly earned a reputation for consistently leading the NFL in numerous defensive categories. The crowning achievement of the group is their team's victory in Super Bowl XLVIII Background[edit] Before the 2011 season, the Seahawks drafted corne
Laterals are more risky because of the nature of the rules. There's no incomplete lateral, the ball hits the ground it is a fumble. Pass interference rules don't apply, so the defender could hit the person trying to catch a lateral before the ball ar
At every level of football there are (sportsmanship) forfeit rules in place for teams that try to create an infinite loop of events. Sometimes these things are done with the most malicious expectations. An example is a team is losing, so they have th
I have worked with several colleges on advanced stats and have used them on the high school/pee-wee/college levels. I have thought about yards after contact for receivers but I don't understand how to maintain an evenness across the board to gain a m
Wikipedia has an article about rock-climbing gear that answers this (a search for mountaineering gear also leads to the link). The important part is here: Ropes used for climbing can be divided into two classes: dynamic ropes and low elongation ropes
The difference between an "incompletion" and a "completion followed by a fumble" is in the rules for a completion. A completion has to meet three criteria: The receiver needs to gain control of the ball. The receiver needs to have both feet or any ot
This is a more complex question than I initially thought, and most of that stems from some weird wording in the NFL rules. The provision that allows the QB to throw the ball away once he's outside the tackle position refers specifically to that - "th