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Wikipedia has an article about rock-climbing gear that answers this (a search for mountaineering gear also leads to the link). The important part is here: Ropes used for climbing can be divided into two classes: dynamic ropes and low elongation ropes
The difference between an "incompletion" and a "completion followed by a fumble" is in the rules for a completion. A completion has to meet three criteria: The receiver needs to gain control of the ball. The receiver needs to have both feet or any ot
This is a more complex question than I initially thought, and most of that stems from some weird wording in the NFL rules. The provision that allows the QB to throw the ball away once he's outside the tackle position refers specifically to that - "th
Start time is the estimated kickoff time. Back in the day some tickets would actually say EST Kickoff Time 2:00 PM. However most tickets don't include times anymore since game times are so often changed for TV networks
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This article is about field goals in gridiron football. For field goals in rugby league and rugby union, see Drop goal. For field goals in basketball, see Field goal (basketball)
Based on revenue, the four major professional sports leagues in the United States are Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football League (NFL), and the National Hockey League (NHL). All four enjoy wid
To answer your question(s): The penalty is assessed if the ineligible player is more than 1 yard down field on a forward pass play unless he is blocking a player that initiated within the 1 yard buffer zone. If the defensive player breaks the contact
Some universities certainly do have a reputation for developing NFL players. In some cases, this is simply due to quality of the program - Alabama for example is a very good program and as such attracts very good players; this not only means a player
15La’el Collins, G, LSU (Original pick: Traded to San Diego; Chargers selected Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin) He found a good situation along Dallas’s offensive line, but no single player would welcome a redraft as quickly as Collins. Amid pre-draft,