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I don't think I agree with Pat Kirwan here at all, unless you have more context for that quote. Anyone who watched LaDainian Tomlinson play knows that a running back in the I formation is a capable receiver. The Chargers used the I formation and stan
The training is a mandatory and essential step in the life of a professional footballer, so it takes an equally important place here in Football Manager 2016. Scientific and technological advances of recent years have made these training sessions mor
There are several categories they scout on: Athleticism This is important because NFL defenses are fast, they are going to rush you faster than college defenses, the Safeties and Corners are going to be faster on blitzes, and plays are simply going t
Sometimes the defensive check is predetermined based on what the offense is doing, so they may call out a formation change (1-back, trips, fullhouse) and everyone on the defense knows what to do. If they decide to call out an adjustment, they're goin
From my experience and reading, it doesn't seem like many "spontaneous" plays are made up during the course of a game, at least in most situations. A coach sits down with his playbook, and film of the other team, and narrows his playlist down to a ce
It's a consequence of signing bonuses and the salary cap maths. Due to the non-guaranteed nature of contracts, NFL contracts are split into two parts: an annual salary, payable if the player is on the roster that year, and a "signing bonus" which is
The NFL is a tax-exempt nonprofit. This is why we know the NFL Commissioner's salary(1). However, the NFL teams themselves do not fall under this tax-exempt distinction, and as such, the salaries of NFL team executives are guarded
My understanding is this is a legal play in the NFL, assuming he was legally allowed to shift (he had not taken a 3 point stance or simulated one, but was in 2 point stance, ie, on his two feet). From the NFL rules: Article 3: Restrictions for Snappe
I found this answer while researching the basketball version of this question. J. T