Are there any players who playing at 2014 World Cup without a club?


Given that almost all European contracts are drawn until the 30th June of a given year (due to the new football season in most of Europe starting on 1st July), technically both Frank Lampard and Ochoa are still club players.

The reason they are reported as free agents is because they, or their club, have indicated that there is no interest from one, or both, parties to extend the contract further. This is much like how Bacary Sagna (France), indicated to Arsenal he will not be signing a new contract and has signed a contract with Manchester City. He's still on Arsenal's books until the 30th June and on the 1st July will become a Manchester City player.

Given that England have already been eliminated, he doesn't fall under the player without a club category, and currently, neither does Ochoa. Mexico, however, are still in the competition at the time of writing, although they face a tough task against the Netherlands on the 29th June to progress further.


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“Now that Frank Lampard has been released by Chelsea, he could well be playing at the World Cup without having a club team. Are there any other examples of this happening?” asks Michael McCarthy.

Well, it’s fair to say that judging from our mailbag there have been a few. The most popular suggestion was Gary Breen, who went to the 2002 World Cup with Ireland sans club, after leaving Coventry. His performances there led to suggestions that teams as prestigious as Juventus and Barcelona were keen, and in fact Breen revealed years later that he agreed a deal with Internazionale but failed a medical. In the end he signed for the slightly less-picky West Ham but they were relegated and he only played 18 games. Ah, what could’ve been.

Jeff Lawrence reminds us of the Canada squad in 1986, the only World Cup they have ever qualified for, which had no fewer than six unattached players in it. They were captain Bruce Wilson, midfielder...

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My picks for the best three players?

The Number 1 will have to the obvious and unanimous choice, Ha-mez (James) Rodriguez. After Falcao got injured, the nation looked towards his club teammate, the 23 year old JAMES to step up and how he did! He took every game by the gruff of his neck, destroying the opponents through the magic of his feet. Brazil had to play a very aggressive game just to stop him in the quarter final but still when he got the chance to score from the spot, he coolly slotted the ball home. Deserved both Golden Ball and Golden Boot in my opinion.

My second pick will be the right place-right time guy, Thomas...
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A List Of The Best US Soccer Players

As the 2014 World Cup looms just around the corner, many are making their predictions and announcing who they feel the best players for 2014 World Cup. Jurgen Klinsmann named his roster for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, but it certainly wasn’t without controversy!

The first thing to get the attention of fans was that Landon Donovan was quite literally snubbed along with some other players like Maurice Edu, Brad Evans and Terrence Boyd, that many fans believe should have made the roster. But then again, ask a hundred fans and get a hundred opinions. What we do know now is that the majority will agree that these are the Top 25 American players that played for US clubs and World Cup teams in no particular order.

#1 Brad Friedel – There are few other goalkeepers who were did penalty kicks better, and from his generation there were actually many goalkeepers as good or better than him. Friedel is extremely intelligent and...

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There were also accusations made by a club executive that he urinated on training ground staff and exposed his genitals to a female worker, although this is something Quaresma strenuously denies.

After five disappointing months with Al Ahli and another six without a club, Quaresma's chances of playing at his first World Cup for Portugal appeared to be over.

That was until Porto, the club where he enjoyed his most fruitful years decided to take a punt on their former winger during the winter window and, remarkably, just two months later there is talk of the 30 year-old travelling to Brazil.

Heading into Porto's crucial Primeira Liga clash at Sporting Lisbon on Sunday, Quaresma's renaissance had yielded five goals in his previous eight games.

And it took just 15 minutes for him to carve Sporting's defence open after some fancy footwork on the left wing.

Jeered and whistled by home supporters throughout, he twisted Sporting's Cedric Soares one...

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PARIS, FRANCE – FEBRUARY 08: Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Paris Saint-Germain celebrates his goal during the Ligue 1 match between Paris Saint-Germain FC and SC Bastia at Parc des Princes on February 8, 2013 in Paris, France. (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

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Originally, I was going to take a straightforward look at the best soccer players who play for nations which didn’t qualify for the World Cup this summer in Brazil. The list, though, is a lot shorter than you’d think, even though two of the...

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Soccer fans all around the world are rejoicing because the 2014 FIFA World Cup finally kicked off this week in Brazil! For roughly a month, the best soccer players on the planet will convene in freshly built stadiums to compete for what might be the biggest prize in the entire sports world. And while it's true that soccer is still not super popular here in the US, even the most extreme American sportsfan has to respect these athletes for their ability to do one thing very very very well: Earn massive amounts of money.

The richest soccer players at the 2014 World Cup would give any American athlete a literal run for their money. Last year, the second highest paid athlete in the world was Cristiano Ronaldo, who brought home $80 million. Of that $80 million, $52 million was base SALARY! By comparison, the highest base salary earned by any American athlete last year was Kobe Bryant, who earned $30.5 million from The Lakers. And as you might suspect, soccer players also have the...

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It’s a known fact that professional athletes enjoy the comforts of a financially safe life. Since the FIFA World Cup is happening right now, we thought it would be interesting to take a peek at the world’s richest soccer players’ accounts and share the information with you.

Cristiano Ronaldo ($250 million net worth)

Topping the list is soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid is paying him $52 million a year, to which he adds about $30 million annually from various (and numerous) endorsements. He is currently the second highest paid athlete in the world, the number one position being occupied by American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. Ronaldo gets $8 million a year from his Nike deal alone.

Lionel Messi ($180 million net worth)

Messi is living a pretty decent life as the world’s second richest soccer player and fourth richest athlete. His annual earnings reach $65 million, of which $45 million represents his base salary from...

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Cristiano Ronaldo comes at number one and that should not be a surprise to anyone, as he is currently the best player in the world. His national team struggles as well, however after the last two playoff games against Sweden, all doubt is gone that Ronaldo will be able to carry Portugal to new heights. He is literally a one man show, and this seems to be working perfectly for the Portuguese national team, as everyone is relying on CR7 to deliver a series of memorable performances in the upcoming 2014 World Cup. He will score at least 4 goals during the tournament, which will help the young Portuguese team to shine in Brazil. He has always said that he is the best player in the world, and this will be a great time for him to show everyone that as a matter of fact he is, and put all the doubters to sleep. As long as he is healthy there is no reason why he will not be able to make Portugal a key player in the 2014 World...

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Nowadays, what has gained much hype is the FIFA World Cup 2014, which is now no far away. Much excitement and thrill is found among the fans that have been anxiously for this mega event. The teams with their best players are pulling up their socks and they intend to enter the tournament with well-thought-out strategies. At this very stage, when the World Cup is all round the corner, no team can afford any injured or unfit player. This thing has put many players entry into the tournament at stake. This article is will throw light upon the 5 Football Players Who Might Not Play in FIFA World Cup 2014; the footballers who seem unfit or those with other reasons for not being a part of this big event.

Following is a list of the players who are among those at risk for FIFA World Cup 2014.

#05: Esteban Cambiasso

Esteban Cambiasso belongs to Argentina, and he is one of those footballers of the team who is not liked much by the coach. The coach Alejandro Sabella wishes...

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Time waits for nobody, and that counts extra for world-class athletes—especially ones whose legacy depends on a tournament that happens every four years. Look no further than Ronaldinho. In 2005, he was not a man, he was a blur; cutting, dancing, spinning, smiling, scoring. The guy was as much a human as he was the physical embodiment of celebration. He won back-to-back Ballon d'Orawards in 2004-2005, became Nike's No. 1 man, and featured on the cover of EA Sports' extremely popular FIFA Soccer franchise five times. Kids all over the world threw away their retainers and refused braces so they could emulate his buck-toothed grin.

Huge expectations were heaped upon his shoulders prior to the 2006 World Cup, as he was the best player on Brazil, the best team. Playing with Kaka, (pre-Fat) Ronaldo and Adriano, he was the capstone to the foursome known as the "magic quartet," and everybody and their llama expected him to light the world on fire, as was his...

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As we wait for the kick off of the long awaited 2014 The FIFA world cup on 12th June, there are key players that everyone is waiting to watch play. Here, we look at the Top 10 players to watch in this FIFA world cup 2014 that we must look out for. Be sure that one of these players will be awarded the golden boot for the best player in Brazil.

1- Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal.

Age: 28

Club: Real Madrid

The winner of the 2013 Ballon d’Or is the main man to watch in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Ronaldo scored four, as well as a dazzling hat trick in Sweden, to earn his country a spot in Brazil. If he displays his form in the tournament, defenders will not only have a hard time but need to be ready for embarrassments. He has scored 25 goals and three hat-tricks in this season and broke the UEFA record for the highest goals. It’s hard to come across a more complete player in football world. A sturdy long shot, amazing athletic charisma, intense...

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Real Madrid - Kashima Antlers, Club World Cup Final 2016


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The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil generated various controversies, including demonstrations, some of which took place even before the tournament started. Most centred on officiating, with referees coming under criticism for their performances. Furthermore, there were various issues with safety, including eight deaths of workers and a fire during construction, breaches into stadiums, an unstable makeshift staircase at the...

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The Brazil versus Germany (German:...

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Alan Hansen: "I am distraught, I have been watching football for 50 years, and this is a low point. To come to Brazil and watch this."

Alan Shearer: "I genuinely worry whether some of these players will recover from this."

Henry Winter's match report: "This was an embarrassment to a famous shirt, a point their furious supporters made splenetically."

Paul Hayward: "The indignity of this night will haunt Brazilian football for generations."

Let's grab some of your views: Dave Stults, you have the honour:

This World Cup has been full of so many shocking moments! If someone would have told me what would have happened in the Group Stages,Costa Rica's triumph, with Suarez, Neymar's injury, and now this catastrophe I wouldn't have believed it! Not for one second! What I don't understand is how Brazilian players could let this happen to them in Brazil! This surely must be the worst moment in Brazilian sport's history.


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Three minutes added on ... and that's it.

88 mins Doesn't look as if this one is going to penalties. Two to go.

83 mins Cavani doesn't hit a shot that cleanly but it scurries along the ground and necessitates a save from Ospina.

79 mins Maxi Pereira sneaks in but David Ospina comes out and blocks expertly. So still no lifeline for Uruguay.

77 mins Booking for the injured Diego Lugano, the Uruguay captain, who is on the bench! Protested about a free-kick being blocked. Would miss the next match but I am guessing that is going to be academic. Pablo Armero booked - he was the one who blocked the free-kick.

74 mins Ospina a liitle scare, looping cross and he backtracks before palming over. Corner comes in but Giminez heads over.

70 mins Cristhian Stuani cannot quite get on end of cross. Still Uruguay toil... Colombia heading for their best World Cup - their first quarter-final. It's against Brazil, too.

68 mins Gaston Ramirez has...

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The dust has finally settled on the much awaited Gor Mahia elections. The event happened without a hitch or without any altercations or violence. Those who lost gracefully accepted the results and those who won vowed to work together for the betterment of the club.

“We must admit the elections met the threshold of a free and fair elections. We didn’t witness any acts of violence. The counting process was also interactive and democratic” said Owiye, shortly after announcing the winners.

The registered voters were 3,002, but only 982 turned up for the exercise, which saw Francis Wasuna elected unopposed as the club’s senior vice chairman.

Gor Mahia elections board led by Chairman Patrick Lumumba Adera and vice chairman Mohammed Ibrahim Papa applauded the club members for observing discipline during the exercise.

“Today, we saw the true face of democracy. We can avoid violence if we have credible elections. What we have shown is that we can do better, if we...

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Updated: 04/1/16

Of course, the word ‘best’ is pretty much decisive. And yet very hard to refer some few names as best while confirming the others as not best. Believe me – it’s kind of a mess, finding out the best soccer players in the world. I think there are countless good numbers of players in this sporting arena, who can easily be considered within this best soccer players list 2016. Undoubtedly each of the individual readers will find some incredibly necessary replacements of their own stand point in this article. But as I’m approaching, surely ready to take some risk and at least share my own perspectives for counting these top 10 best soccer players in the world 2016. I need to announce one more thing, though this article may seem selective on certain regions, it has actually considered everyone and every position in current soccer world (or you can also call football world depending on your ease of geography).

2015 has been a tremendous year for soccer. Big...

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