Are you allowed unlimited challenges in a hockey game?

Not this question again! It gets asked a lot, you know.

Okay, technically, fighting isn't allowed; the players involved will get five minutes in the penalty box for dropping the gloves and sometime more. But fighting rarely gets one ejected from a game, and I have yet to hear of a player being suspended for a fight.

So on some level, yeah, fighting is accepted in hockey.

Sometimes a player will want to fight to send a message not to mess with the stars on the team. Take a run at someone like Ovie, Stamkos, or Crosby, and you'll have to answer to one of the enforcers.

Sometimes a fight can spur a team to come back and win a game.

And I think sometimes when a game builds animosity, two players will duke it out to defuse the tension.

As others have said, hockey is a fast-paced, highly physical game where the action is almost constant. Baseball is incredibly slow. Football goes in little tiny bursts of energy. Basketball is a little more constant, but...

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I'm pleased to announce our next challenge! This time around we'll be using the Chicago Blackhawks. We haven't used them in a TBL challenge since way back in Challenge #9! We're going to be using the Retro98 DB again. Nino33 did some additional work to the DB and released an UPDATE . In this challenge we'll be using a saved game from Nino33 where he simmed up to April 1st 2003.

Thanks again to CJ, Nino33, and everyone else that contributed to the Retro98 DB!

The rules and setup laid out in this post supersede anything found in any other posts or old challenge rules!

So here is how this challenge is going to work...

First, download the SAVED GAME and put it in your Games folder. It's usually something like C:\Users\\Documents\Sports Interactive\EHM.

Next, launch EHM and load "Challenge 43 - Retro Chi". Once the save has loaded you'll be brought to a placeholder GM. Go up to where it says "F.LastName" and click the dropdown arrow. Select "Retire"....

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Enjoy pick-up and play flick-based gameplay There are a few different game modes to choose from The app supports the Game Center, Achievements, and Leaderboards There are 30 different NHL teams Create your own customized...
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