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With the Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft kicking off today, I figured I needed to post some material relating to the draft. So today on the ‘Thursday 10
John B. asks: Why are things like the distance and height of a pitchers mound always uniform, but outfield dimensions are allowed to be whatever the stadium designers want? From Boston’s Green Monster, to San Francisco’s McCovey Cove and Houston’s ab
Five pitchers have done it. This ESPN article from April 14, 2012 lists the following three occurrences: 10 -- Tom Seaver, N. Y
I have taken full advantage of all of your coaching tools, drills and articles on your site. I have gone from a Dad getting involved to one of the most in demand managers in our league. Winning is fun, but it is not a priority for me
On your first point: Fangraphs certainly agrees with you that old metrics seem to dominate. There are no hard and fast rules about which stats are presentable, though; it's solely due to who is hearing the case - and there is no doubt that stats (bot
NO. Rule 6. 10(b) 2 It is not mandatory that a club designate a hitter for the pitcher, but failure to do so prior to the game precludes the use of a Designated Hitter for that club for that game
In addition to the baseman tagging the bag or the player, or the player leaving the baseline, there is yet one additional way a forced runner may cause an out, although it is not himself that is out: if the runner from behind catches up with him, and
There are no rules that deal with a player dying on the field. There are rules which apply to this particular scenario. First, let me say this; the game would probably be postponed, or something
(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer) Rules for determining winning and losing pitcher are covered in section 10. 17 of the scoring rules. Winning Pitcher When a pitcher throws a complete game and his team wins, he is obviously the winning pitcher
According to MLB Rule 7. 08d, Any runner in out when he fails to retouch his base after a fair or foul ball is legally caught before he, or his base, is tagged by a fielder. He shall not be called out for failure to retouch his base after the first f