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You've got it right. Payoff pitch basically means that there's going to be a result. It does preclude a foul ball, which can extend the at bat, but foul balls can extend other at bats that are not in "pay-off pitch" position, for example an 0-2, 1-2
Putting a ball in it and tying it up will help create a pocket. The problem with that is it usually isn't a very natural pocket. The best way to break in a glove is to play catch with it
That could possibly be considered interference. The initial throw to the third baseman was legal and just a bad throw, with a legal run scoring. On the second throw to home, however, play should have been stopped by the umpire
Minor league deals are something of a last resort for players an a low risk move for teams. I'm going to talk about 2 players here who were signed for two very different reasons. The first is Dan Uggla who you mention in the question
The short answer is that it depends, both on the needs of the team and the player involved. Each sport additionally has its own variables; Baseball has fully guaranteed and very large contracts, and a large prospect body (the minors). Football has no
Assuming you're talking about the 'armor' some batters wear (not a purely supportive brace made out of terry cloth or similar), the leg brace is usually to shield the batter from a ball striking his leg, often caused by a foul off of a ball in on the
In the sport of baseball, a baserunner is said to be in scoring position when he is on second or third base. The distinction between being on first base and second or third base is that a runner on first can usually only score if the batter hits an e
The Baltimore Chop is so named because its origins were in the late 1800s Baltimore Orioles. This blog post by Roar34 discusses it in some detail, along with the other antics the Orioles got up to back then. Unfortunately the article that blog post r
According to the FIFA Code of Ethics, players, coaches and all people involved on football is forbidden to place bets: 25 Integrity of matches and competitions: Persons bound by this Code shall be forbidden from taking part in, either directly or ind
If the Orioles don't advance that deep into the postseason, whatever remains of Davis' 25-game suspension will be tacked on to the start of the 2015 baseball season. Why was he suspended 25 games? Adderall is a stimulant, not a steroid, so Davis avoi