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Short answer: no, that play doesn't come from a specific game The story behind the play can be found in this article, but below is the important bit: From all those days and nights in front of the television, Meat Loaf -- along with legendary song wr
Use this program to determine a pitcher's ratings. This program calculates movement, control, velocity, and suggested trajectory for each pitch. It also calculates the pitcher's stamina rating
In your scenario, the batter (who becomes a runner upon hitting the ground ball to first) is out and the runner originally on first is safe because the force play had been removed upon putting out the batter. This article asking about a similar circu
The official MLB rules don't seem to directly discuss this. However, I did find an umpire help site which explicitly states that this kind of situation (which more commonly would occur when a player returns to the wrong base after a foul ball) is sub
Nowadays, there are two controversial issues about the influence of sports on the character depending on the number of participants. Some people suppose that sports done in team helps to build a stronger character than individual sports do. Others be
Possibly yes. I've only ever heard of players being willing to take less. Here is a link to an article showing players from different sports who have taken pay cuts to stay with a team, or to be able to play one more year even if they might not be th
A player's performance on a map is given in terms of score after successful completion of the map. Most of the time, combo plays the major part in the scoring system since it serves as a multiplier of the score. The only score limiter known now is Ma
As stated in this answer, a regular-season game the night before Opening Day has been televised on ESPN since 1994(1). It is unclear if this makes Sunday Opening Day (as the first part of your question suggests) or Monday based on the statement "Majo
FRISCO, Texas -- Tony Romo says Dak Prescott has "earned the right" to take his job as starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. In a five-minute prepared statement Tuesday, a solemn Romo described the difficulty of dealing with the news of the lat
OK, so was having a heated debate with a friend regarding the following scenario. .