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This page features the complete list of players with 60-point games in the NBA, including the season and playoffs. Here you have the list of players who scored at least 60 points in an NBA game. Only 2 from a total of 66 performances of 60 or more po
Option 1 is the preferred one, because it involves fewer body parts. In the old days of basketball, people would not jump at all for game play shots, and use the Korac-style two-hand shot from the knees for free-throws, also known as "grandma style".
For now, the closest tracked stat to finding out who complains the most is probably the technical foul leaders. http://espn. go
Let’s get out of the blocks straight away, with our fast-twitch fibres blazing; on the ‘B’ of the bang, as Colin Jackson once put it! There are more than 250 million muscle fibres in our bodies and more than 430 muscles that we can control voluntaril
The first four is an appeasement of major conferences, basically. A recent SI/Time piece outlines a story from the late 80s. The basic tenant of the story was the major conferences had gotten together and decided that the bottom two conferences would
Unless the player is injured, the player could physically get up on their own; if they couldn't, there is no way they would be in physical shape enough to play the game. Nearly every play in football, however, ends with someone laying down on the fie
There are actually 15 categories of fouls in the NBA (depending on how you count). Given the number of possibilities, most fans/announcers tend to treat fouls that are not "routine" as technical fouls, though some of the "special" fouls are actually
According to wikipedia offensive fouls are personal fouls. A personal foul against a player of the team in possession of the ball is called an offensive foul. What I understand from the article is that a team foul relates to the foul count against a
Please see: https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=WxY47I-pc-Q Greg Anthony (the commentator) is quite insistent that this should have been a jump ball
If you don't understand why Kobe Bryant will go out like this, defiant to the end, airballing shot number 20 Sunday night, having missed 15 of the previous 19 shots, with a chance for his Los Angeles Lakers to tie the Indiana Pacers at the end of reg