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2014 and 2006 both had 89 games played in them, based on a cursory scrape of Wikipedia (which is much harder than it should be, btw; some significant editing is needed for consistency!). Those are the two largest number of games played; however, pre
Zone defense is not explicitly prohibited, but there is a defensive three-second penalty occurring when a defender is inside the lane without guarding an offensive player. From the NBA Rules: Section VIII-Defensive Three-Second Rule a. The count star
He remembers waking up in the middle of the night, sweating profusely, shaking, and feeling as if he was going to die. "I was scared; I didn't know what was happening to me," Michael Jordan would say. At first, he thought it was a nightmare
This is certainly situation based upon fouls(team and individual), pace of play, opposing schemes(offensively and defensively), etc. Defensively, the strategy is to become more aggressive and force the opposing players into bad positions. Players are
For the original defunct Denver Nuggets, see Denver Nuggets (original). The Denver Nuggets are a professional basketball team based in Denver, Colorado. The Nuggets play in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference in the National Basketball A
Basketball is a sport, generally played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court. The objective is to shoot a ball through a hoop 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter and mounted at a height of 10 feet (3. 048 m) to backboards at each end of the
Usually, there are two main reasons why basketball players wipe their shoes. Most of the time, the players are trying to wipe the dust off their shoes and to put some of the moisture from their hands onto them, resulting in the shoes having a better
First at that age you will almost exclusively face zone defenses. So while it is great to have a guy that can break defenses down, passing is the bigger key on offense. By that age players should be able to make a variety of types of passes, if they
The answer to all questions regards the "jump stop". Here is a summary of the traveling rule, which includes this concept: 1. A player who catches the ball with both feet on the floor may pivot, using either foot
I was called for a travel in just a pick up game a couple months ago. I was also reading on Wikipedia information about the travel rule about the situation and it seems that there are conflicting rules. There are 3 scenarios I need to consider