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Because you want the extra possession in the 4th quarter. The team that gains possession after the opening tap will put the ball into play at their opponent’s end line to begin the fourth period. The team losing the opening tap will put the ball into
Short Answer: Scientifically, the size of the arena is irrelevant to the shooting performance though the nervousness of playing in front of a big crowd can negatively affect a player's shooting. Long Answer: Statistically speaking, the stadium doesn'
1 and 1 means you're going to shoot a free throw and, if you make it, you're going to shoot another free throw. In terms of being "in 1 and 1" that means that if you get a non shooting foul, instead of the other team just getting the ball, they get t
The keys to taking a charge are anticipation, speed, and attention to detail. Anticipation refers to knowing where the ball is and knowing where the players are moving to, before they do. In order to take a charge, you have to get to where the offens
I found this answer while researching the basketball version of this question. J. T
The NBA draft is an annual event dating back to 1947 in which the thirty teams from the National Basketball Association (NBA) can draft players who are eligible and wish to join the league. These are typically college basketball players, but internat
As your question already suggests, there are many contributing elements: Wheels: diameter – although there is some controversy over the exact amount by which the diameter contributes, generally the rolling resistance depends on diameter in inverse pr
The statistic you are discussing is Plus/Minus per minute, or per 48 minutes, as @MichaelMyers stated in the comments. It is also called Net Rating. This forms one component of one of the earliest advanced stats for the NBA, the Simple Rating (or Rol
x-Clinched Playoff Berth | e-Clinched Eastern Conference | a-Clinched Atlantic Division | c-Clinched Central Division | se-Clinched Southeast Division | w-Clinched Western Conference | sw-Clinched Southwest Division | nw-Clinched Northwest Division |
ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When you watch any NBA game, the clock is always ticking. And today the NBA announced a way to make sure that clock ticks more perfectly than ever. By teaming up with TISSOT, the official timekeeper of the NBA, the NBA is intr