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1 Firstly understand what is involved in a Biathlon Competition: The skier carrying their . 22 rifle in a harness skis off along a cross country trail (on cross country skis). The objective is to ski fast
BW: Why did you decide to become a partner of IBU and what is most important in it for you? Schlegel: I do this in order to support biathlon. It’s my real, my former sport that I have done myself for years. Thus I can use my knowledge as an athlete a
DEAR BIATHLON FRIENDS, On behalf of the Estonian Biathlon Federation and Otep
The Caledonia Nordics are hosting a Northern Regional Biathlon Training Camp in Prince George on August 25-28. This camp is targeted at athletes who are members of Biathlon BC that are in the Junior and Senior Boy/Girl categories in the coming race s
Of the lesser-known Olympic sports, the Biathlon, in which you ski and shoot, comes with a host of extreme physical demands. For Brett Singer, it also liberates your inner 007. During the Winter Olympics, viewers can count on seeing plenty of ice dan
On a recent visit to the University of Colorado, Boulder, I saw some students playing a sport I've never seen before. I'll do my best to describe it. On a grass field, a rectangle is marked out with string, about 5m by 10m