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A pin is only considered fallen when it is knocked down or knocked off the lane surface. In the case you mentioned, where the pin slid but did not fall during your second ball, the pin would be considered left standing, and it would not be a spare. I
Think about your approach before you begin. One of the standard forms is referred to as the "Four Step Approach. " For this approach, begin standing up straight with your feet directly under your body
Surprised there wasn't more attention in the post edmastermind29 gave when they discuss buying a bowling ball. There is a huge difference in bowling ball types. If you pick up a ball that the lanes provide for you to use at the bowling alley
There are several "environmental" factors, such as oil patterns and consistency, as depicted in comments above. However, given your expectation that the professional bowler's scoring average should be 280-290 (as opposed to the actual average of 230-
Give points based on relative position to the last place team, not the first place. Then players can score more only if more people play - the result is that those in contention for overall places will encourage people to come so they can try to catc
The cinder block workout will guarantee you bowling pin forearms, cannonball delts, wash-board abs, barn-door lats, python arms and pack thick slabs of beef on your scrawny, pathetic hard-gainer body! Now, for the first time ever, learn the hidden se
ABC The American Bowling Congress was founded in 1895 and was dissolved in 2004. It was replaced officially on January 1, 2005 by the United States Bowling Congress as an organization to combine the efforts of the ABC, WIBC, YABA, and USA Bowling. AC
A spokesperson for the ancient sport of jousting recently made a case for its inclusion in the Olympic Games based on the technical skills and physical prowess required to be successful. She suggested these were as high or higher than many sports alr