Can a hat-trick be separated by a maiden over?


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A hat-trick occurs in cricket when a bowler dismisses three batsmen with consecutive deliveries. The deliveries may be interrupted by an over bowled by another bowler from the other end of the pitch or the other team's innings, but must be three consecutive deliveries by the individual bowler. Only wickets attributed to the bowler count towards a hat-trick; run outs do not count.

Here one thing we have to remind is that, there is no official definition or law for Hat-Tricks. There are no official wordings or like that as how a Hat-Trick is achieved. It is more commonly a term used by media and others who see this an individual achievement by a player. So basically it is to be left with each person's perspective as to which one is a Hat-Trick or which one is not.

Like asked in this question one can argue over a Hat-Trick with a wide ball(or no-ball) in between.

Anyway in the same link I provided, there are some peculiar Hat-Tricks...

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Wides and no-balls are known as bowling extras and are counted against the bowler (think of the bowler being at fault for them), and therefore an over that includes any bowling extras cannot be a maiden over.

Byes and leg-byes are, by contrast, known as fielding extras (think of the fielders being at fault - the wicketkeeper failing to take the ball, for instance) and do not count against the bowler, so a maiden over may include byes and leg-byes.

A maiden over, in short, is an over containing neither any runs off the bat nor any bowling extras (wides and no-balls).

Tom Smith's Umpiring and Scoring (one of the foremost, possibly the foremost, reference books on umpiring and scoring in cricket) has this to say:

A maiden over is one where no runs are conceded by the bowler, i.e. the striker has no scored any runs and there have been no bowling extras (No balls or Wides). It may include fielding extras (Byes, Leg byes or penalty...

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Wikipedia defines hat-trick as,

A hat-trick occurs in cricket when a bowler dismisses three batsmen with consecutive deliveries. The deliveries may be interrupted by an over bowled by another bowler from the other end of the pitch or the other team's innings, but must be three consecutive deliveries by the individual bowler. Only wickets attributed to the bowler count towards a hat-trick; run outs do not count.

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines a hat-trick as:

[...] the taking of three wickets by the same bowler with successive balls

The term hat-trick in cricket has no official definition by its governing bodies, but is a term used by the media and cricket aficionados to describe three wickets (that are claimed by the bowler) in three consecutive deliveries. It is left to each one's perspective if a hat-trick is annulled if three wickets are separated by a wide, but a vast majority would believe that having a wide in between three...

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A hat-trick or hat trick in sports is the achievement of a positive feat three times in a game, or another achievement based on the number three in some sports.

The term first appeared in 1858 in cricket, to describe HH Stephenson's taking three wickets with three consecutive deliveries. Fans held a collection for Stephenson, and presented him with a hat bought with the proceeds.[1] The term was used in print for the first time in 1868.[2] The term was eventually adopted by many other sports including hockey, association football, water polo and team handball.

A hat-trick occurs in association football when a player scores three goals (not necessarily consecutive) in a single game, whereas scoring two goals constitutes a brace. In common with other official record-keeping rules, goals in a penalty shootout are excluded from the tally.[3] The extra time in a knockout cup match may also be calculated towards a player's potential hat-trick. The fastest recorded time to...

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Imran Khan Bowling (junior) a hat trick against karachi team and a maiden last over as well. The hat trick is made by taking wickets of three international player and it is one of the Best Cricket Moments.
First wicket of Sarfaraz Ahmad, 2nd wicket of Fawad Alam and the 3rd wicket of Anwar Ali. All of these three batsmens were sent to the pavilion by the youngster Imran khan jr with three best varieties that the batsmen can't even judge that bowl.
Imran Khan jr Hat Trick against Karachi will be remebered for a long time.

youngster Imran Khan Jr Hat Trick
amazing Imran Khan Jr Hat Trick against karachi
Imran Khan Jr Hat Trick 2015
Imran Khan Jr Hat Trick against international players
new talent Imran Khan Jr Hat Trick
pakistani young cricket...

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Cricket is a team sport played between two teams of eleven. It is known for its rich terminology.[1][2][3] Some terms are often thought to be arcane and humorous by those not familiar with the game.[4]

This is a general glossary of the terminology used in the sport of cricket. Where words in a sentence are also defined elsewhere in this article, they appear in italics. Certain aspects of cricket terminology are explained in more detail in cricket statistics and the naming of fielding positions is explained at fielding...

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By Barnaby Haszard Morris


In cricket, a hat-trick is three wickets in three consecutive balls bowled by a single bowler.


A cricket hat-trick can only apply to wickets attributed to the bowler, meaning run outs do not count. It must also be achieved by a single bowler, although it can be interrupted by an over from a teammate or even across separate innings. For example, if player A takes wickets with the fifth and sixth deliveries of an over, waits for player B to finish their over, then returns and takes a wicket with the first ball of their next over, that's a hat-trick. As the conditions for a cricket hat-trick are so strict, they are very rare and prized as an exceptional achievement by all bowlers. Four wickets in four consecutive balls, also known as 'four in four', is often referred to as a double hat-trick. Five wickets in five consecutive balls is a triple hat-trick, but it's so rare you'll probably never see it. Cricket...
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MILAN: Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah claimed his maiden league hat-trick, stealing the limelight from teammate Edin Dzeko as Roma reclaimed the second spot in Serie A with a 3-0 defeat of Bologna on Sunday.

With 10 goals this season, Dzeko lined up at the Stadio Olimpico hoping to go one ahead of Inter Milan’s Mauro Icardi after he pulled level with the Bosnian by hitting a brace in a 3-0 win over Crotone.

But Salah, whose only previous hat-trick came for Egypt in a World Cup qualifier against Zimbabwe in 2013, stole the show as Roma strode confidently back up to second at four points behind Juventus and one ahead of AC Milan ahead of the international break.

Salah’s 13th minute strike inside the box took a deflection on the goalline before it wrong-footed Bologna ‘keeper Angelo Da Costa.

But league officials credited him with the goal, and the former Chelsea midfielder went on to hit a second-half brace as Luciano Spalletti’s men maintained...

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Published: 18:18 GMT, 21 March 2015 | Updated: 18:18 GMT, 21 March 2015

Harry Kane's dream week got even better on Saturday as the Tottenham striker followed his first England call-up with a maiden Premier League hat-trick as embattled Leicester were defeated in a thrilling 4-3 encounter.

The eyes of the footballing world were trained on the 21-year-old at White Hart Lane in his final club match before linking up with Roy Hodgson's men for the matches against Lithuania and Italy.

Kane could not be heading away in much better form, having netted his first top-flight treble to help drag out-of-sorts Spurs to a victory in which Jeff Schlupp's own goal proved just enough to keep rock-bottom City from leaving north London with a result.

Harry Kane netted a hat-trick as Tottenham edged Leicester 4-3

Goals from Jamie Vardy, Wes Morgan and David Nugent gave Leicester hope as Mauricio Pochettino's side toiled, although they started well enough as...

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On December 1st, the Alltid statistics site will be taken down as an independent site. The legacy of Alltid will live on as a more limited statistics service within the Hattrick site.

Our original idea was to build on Alltid to create a separate but tightly integrated statistical resource for Hattrick. It is now three years since this project started, and it is clear that these ambitions was set too high. While the existing Alltid site became harder and harder to maintain, it became clear that to build a replica of it in the same environment as Hattrick would simply become too large and risky a project. The way Alltid works, saving all data in separate indexes, makes the database similar in size to the rest of Hattrick, in effect doubling our need for servers, storage and system maintenance. Also, given the huge amounts of data that needs to be shuffled between the “game database” and the statistics site, it is unavoidable that a large and growing Alltid, built in this way, will...

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This section is in advanced English and is only intended to be a guide, not to be taken too seriously!
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Agricultural shot

a swing across the line of the ball played without much technique. Often one that results in a chunk of the


being dug up by the


. A type of a



All out

when an


is ended due to ten of the eleven


on the batting side being either


or unable to bat because of injury or illness.


a player adept at batting and bowling, or batting and wicket-keeping.

All-round spin

a player who can bowl both wrist spin and finger spin adeptly.


a top-order batsman capable of batting for a long duration throughout the innings. Usually batsman playing at numbers 3 or 4 play such a role, especially if there is a batting collapse. An anchor...

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Chris Rushworth became only the second Durham bowler to take a Championship hat-trick, but Hampshire hung on for a draw on a rain-interrupted final day.

After taking two in two balls to end Hampshire's first innings, Rushworth had Michael Carberry caught behind with his opening delivery in their second.

Durham had declared 304 ahead on 190-4, with spinner Mason Crane taking 4-72.

And Crane was there at the end to see Hampshire to 179-9, surviving 5.2 overs with Lewis McManus (53 not out).

The result did neither side any favours with the home side 18 points adrift at the foot of the Division One table, and although Durham moved up one place to third with their first draw of the season, they are 38 points behind leaders Yorkshire, who also have a game in hand.

Resuming on 61-1, the north-east county's initial task was to put enough runs on the board quickly to allow their bowlers time to win the match.

Mark Stoneman (88) and Scott Borthwick...

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Posting this for guys who don't know much about cricket .. and hopefully wanna know ... some terms used in cricket to better help u understand the game ...

Two bails or small cylinders are balanced at the top of three vertical dowels or stumps, the entire unit is called the wicket.

No Ball:
Sounds like an oxymoron? The umpire is signalling a ball (pitch) thrown from outside the boundaries of the correct bowling position (the popping crease). He siganls it by outstretching his arm sideways.

The batsman is the player wielding the long, flat, laminated willow bat.

The bowler is the player throwing the red, leather ball at the batsman.

Bowling A Maiden Over:
Happens to cricketers all the time, lucky chaps. Does not refer to having a wonderful effect on your female companion, but rather to bowling six balls without conceding a run.

A protector worn by batsmen to protect the...

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Two changes to note:

Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari has dropped to eighth (from third) after a gearbox change.

Jenson Button is down from 17th to last after McClaren elected to change his engine post-qualifying.

Final grid

1. Nico Rosberg, Mercedes

2. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

3. Max Verstappen, Red Bull

4. Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull

5. Sergio Perez, Force India

6. Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari

7. Romain Grosjean, Haas

8. Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari

9. Nico Hulkenberg, Force India

10. Esteban Gutierrez, Haas

11. Valtteri Bottas, Williams

12. Felipe Massa, Williams

13. Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso

14. Carlos Sainz, Toro Rosso

15. Fernando Alonso, McLaren

16. Jolyon Palmer, Renault

17. Kevin Magnussen, Renault

18. Marcus Ericsson, Sauber

19. Felipe Nasr, Sauber

20. Esteban Ocon, Manor

21. Pascal Wehrlein, Manor

22. Jenson...

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