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It is basically to do with TV rights and the schedule around that. I can't remember exactly the days (I will edit later) but to use an example: In England the rights to the group stages are bought on different days. ITV have the rights to Tuesday gam
The UEFA Champions League: the world’s biggest club competition. The best teams in Europe
The 1998–99 UEFA Champions League was the 44th season of the UEFA Champions League, Europe's premier club football tournament, and the seventh since it was renamed from the "European Champion Clubs' Cup" or "European Cup". The competition was won by
The laws of the game clearly delineate where the referees should position themselves. The additional assistant referees (the official name for the goal line refs) are supposed to be on the same side as the assistant refs (official name for the sideli
18. 00CET, 25 August, Monaco Which teams are in which pots? Pot 1: Real Madrid (ESP, holders), Barcelona (ESP), Leicester City (ENG), Bayern M
I tend to agree with the referee on this occasion. I believe he was correct in awarding the penalty kick only and not cautioning Carvajal for this incident. First, let's consider the amount of force used in the tackle
On the contrary of what it may look like, combined bets are a betting method quite different of the multiple bets. Combined bets are a set of several previews, of one or numerous sports events that will occur. For a combined bet to be accepted, all p
FreddyGodzillaThe Top TenXW 1RussiaFamous of suppression of human right, freedom of association and choice, supply military means to junta states such as Syria generally a vicious police state and human trafficking capital of the world. The world's b
Uefa has changed the rules on yellow cards to make it harder for players to be suspended for the Champions League and Europa League finals. The European governing body has decided that yellow cards accrued will be wiped out after the quarter-final st
The 2016–17 UEFA Champions League is the 62nd season of Europe's premier club football tournament organised by UEFA, and the 25th season since it was renamed from the European Champion Clubs' Cup to the UEFA Champions League. The 2017 UEFA Champions