Closing eyes during somersaults


Snellen chart

- Children should have 20/20 by 6yo


- Sharp disc margins

- Disc round & regular

- Physiologic cup should NOT take up more than 50% of optic disc

- Veins easier to see than arteries


- AV nicking = HTN retinopathy

- Papilledema = optic disc bulges, margins blurred, d/t inc IOP

- Hemorrhagic lesions = HTN, DM

- Disc cupping = angle closure glaucoma

- White reflex = cataract (peds = retinal blastoma)

Normal IOP = 45yo need reading glasses

Nearsidedness (can't see far)

- Acute onset eye pain, keeps affected eye shut

- Contact lens abrasions high risk bacterial infxn

- Use fluorescein dye, corneal abrasion appear linear

Tx: topical ophthalmic antibiotic (erythromycin or polytrim 3-5 days), consider pain meds, f/u 24hrs, do NOT patch eye

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In 1952, the U.S. Congress and President Harry Truman established a National Day of Prayer and encouraged all Americans, regardless of religion, to celebrate their faith through prayer. Prayer is a part of everyday life for many people all over the world. According to Pew Research surveys, more than half of Americans report they pray daily. An additional 23 percent pray weekly or monthly, and 76 percent of Americans believe prayer is an important part of each day [source: Lipka].

Prayer is an integral part of many religions and cultures. It can be a plea for aid, an expression of gratitude, a way to worship and a means to find fellowship with others. Along with the many different iterations of prayer, there are many rituals that surround the act of prayer. One of the most prevalent is closing one's eyes.

Why do so many people close their eyes to pray? In the Bible, there are descriptions of prayers made standing, sitting, kneeling or with arms raised, yet there aren't...

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#house flipping is all the rage, and the latest news show an increase in house flipping. However, don't let the television fool you. House flipping is harder than it looks. In fact, many things go wrong during the #home flipping process that the cameras don't show you. First time and seasoned home flippers must navigate these mistakes, so the process is smooth sailing.

House flipping during bad weather

Too cold, too hot, too windy, too much snow/ice, too rainy - the weather never cooperates. What's the solution? Have a Plan B. Examples are working indoors, working on a different project, and/or swapping out one strategy for another (i.e., paint instead of spray). The Plan B saves flippers time and money.

Dealing with house flipping delays

Besides the weather, delays often occur. From material ordering delays to a machine breaking down during operation, delays come in various forms. Delays stop other projects from completion, and that is frustrating...

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Maybe I, maybe I am just as scared as you

Может быть, может быть, я просто испуган, как и ты.

It's alright, stay by my side

Всё в порядке, оставайся со мной

On the edge, on the edge of everything we know

Над пропастью, над пропастью всего, что мы знаем.

It's alright, just don't look down

Всё в порядке, просто не смотри вниз,

And I will hold on

И я не сорвусь.

Never let go, you're right beside me

Не отпускай меня, ты рядом со мной.

So just close your eyes

Просто закрой глаза.

Never let go, you're all that I need

Не отпускай меня, ты – всё, что мне нужно.

So just close your eyes

Просто закрой глаза.

When I look back, I look back on the times

Когда я оглядываюсь, оглядываюсь в прошлое,

You tried to hide inside your delicate mind

Когда ты пыталась укрыться в своих возвышенных мыслях,

In the end, in the end I'm just the same as...

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+ --------------------------------------------------------------------- + | Ultimate Guitar Tabs Archive - your #1 source for tabs! | | | | | | Over 1,000,000 guitar, guitar pro and bass tabs! Also lessons | | news and guitar forums! | + --------------------------------------------------------------------- + Close My Eyes Forever This is a very easy song this version does not require a capo and my personal opinion it better played this way. Chords Transposed by Bryan Powell Chords Used : Am G F Bb Gm Dm C A7 Em [Intro] Am G F Am [Verse] Am Baby G I get so scared inside, and I don't really understand F Am Is it love that's on my mind, or is it fantasy Am Heaven G Is in the palm of my hand, and it's waiting here for you F Am What am I supposed to do with a childhood tragedy [Chorus] F ...
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As with any type of storytelling media, the overall value of a show will be inevitably judged by how much the viewer makes out of it. And, if there’s a show that exemplifies this idea of a viewer’s dedication to enjoying something affecting their overall opinion of it, it’s a strange little magical girl show from Fall of 2016.

Flip Flappers is one of the most polarizing series I’ve ever seen in anime. On the one hand, there are those who would defend it as ingenious and philosophically meaningful, while on the other hand there are those who dismiss it as cheap yuribait with a contrived and unfitting final arc. Obviously, I’m not going to be in the hate camp. But I won’t be trying to defend the show’s philosophical value either. I’m simply here to explain the reasons why I enjoyed a fun little Alice-in-Wonderland-style romp through the mind-bending world of Pure Illusion.


The characters in this series are quite simple to understand, be it for...

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Is it a foregone conclusion that we can't help closing our eyes during a sneeze? Not quite, researchers say.

It is possible (albeit difficult) to keep our eyes open during a sneeze, said Dr. David Huston, an associate dean at the Texas A&M College of Medicine Houston campus and an allergist at Houston Methodist Hospital.

"The fact that it is possible to sneeze with the eyes open suggests that it is not hardwired or mandatory," Huston said in a statement. It's not entirely clear why people blink while sneezing, but it likely plays a protective role, he said. [Why Do People Sneeze in Threes?]

Sneezing, known to researchers as the sternutation reflex, protects our nasal passageways from foreign particles by forcing a 10-mph whoosh of air from the lungs. (Previous accounts put that speed at 100 mph, but a 2013 study published in the journal PLOS ONE found that six volunteers had sneeze speeds of 4.5 meters per second, or 10 mph).

However, sneezing...

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I do trampolining and my problem is that I tend to close eyes during somersaults. It's not that I would fear highs (although I'm not very comfortable there) but I guess it's a bad habit I developed in other sport activities like while doing sit-ups or chin-ups. It comes to me as a some form of help when I can do no more - you know, tense whole body, clench teeth and close eyes. I hope I'm not the only one doing this.

It's not much of a problem in case of basic somersaults becase I can feel and guess my position easily and open eyes in time for landing. However, in double somersaults, I get lost. Maybe it's just because I have not jumped so much of them yet and I could develop the orientation in some time, but still, it's a disadvantage.

How would you overcome this obstacle?

Note: In case you are not familiar with trampolining - it's not about doing one "uber" combo and land to a foam pit. One needs to jump ten different skills in a...

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Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

The Muslim scholars differed concerning the matter of closing one's eyes in the prayer whether it is disliked or not? Imam Ibn Qayyim said: "Jurists differed on that issue. Imam Ahmad and others disliked it explaining that it is a practice of Jews. Some other scholars permitted it giving as reason that it might help in being humble during the prayer, and being humble during the prayer is the soul and most important objective of the prayers.
Imam Ibn Qayyim said: "Shutting the eyes during the prayers was not among the manners of the Prophet. It is known that he used to look at his index finger while sitting for Tashhud and his sight did not pass over its gesture". In the state of standing during the prayer a Muslim is asked to look at the place of prostration. This is the best act which helps one to be humble in the prayer. But if...

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Do you suspect that you sleep with your eyes partially open? Perhaps someone has even told you that your eyelids tend to open while you sleep. Seem odd? Well, it’s actually not uncommon for people to naturally sleep with one or both eyes partially open. Scientifically known as nocturnal lagophthalmos, when your eyelids do not fully close during rest, the ocular surface is overexposed to the open atmosphere. In fact, even a hairline gap between eyelids during sleep can result in major eye irritation and discomfort upon waking.

But lagophthalmos doesn’t merely affect sufferers during sleep. Some patients with the condition also lack a ‘full blink’ during their waking hours. Insufficient blinking robs the eye of maximum ocular lubrication. This lack of lubrication often leads to dry spots on the cornea, leaving patients with gritty, itchy, tired eyes.

So what exactly causes this bizarre, yet common condition? It might sound a little strange, but nocturnal lagophthalmos...

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Some Facts About Involuntary Eyelid Closing

Involuntary eyelid closing is a natural occurrence, something our eyes do several times a minute to protect the eyeball from particulate matter in the atmosphere and to keep the surface of the eyeball moist. Natural eyelid closing is something we are for the most part seldom aware of.

Eyelid Twitch - There are other types of involuntary eyelid closing however, one of which that can be of some concern. If you've ever experienced an eyelid twitch, and most people have, at times frequently, it is usually due to something external to the eye, but can sometimes be brought about by nervousness or stress. No one really knows the direct cause of eyelid twitch, but it is almost always temporary, and does not require treatment, especially when the contributing factor, such as stress, can be dealt with.

Hemifacial Spasm - Another condition which can cause an involuntary closing of the eyelid is a hemifacial spasm. This is a...

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Why do people close their eyes when they kiss?

Who invented this custom? When you don’t keep your eyes closed you’re violating a sacred principle. It’s like eating cereal with your hands when nobody’s around. Nobody sees you, but you still feel weird and like you’re violating the natural order.

If you need a reason to keep your eyes closed while kissing, here are seven top reasons, according to a poll taken outside Rockefeller Center by sexologist Diane DeLay, PhD, as part of the research for her upcoming book, “Love Me Like We’re Bunnies”:

Reasons why people kiss with their eyes closed:

You wouldn’t want to see what you look like while kissing, so neither would your partner; Your brain can’t make your tongue swirl around if your eyes are moving at the same time. It’s the same principle as trying to pat your head while using your other hand to go in circles over your belly; It’s weird enough to kiss with your eyes open, but even weirder to make moaning...
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