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There is no way for a team to score just 1 point in American Football (final score 1-0). If an extra point it blocked and returned for a score it will result in 2 points for the returning team. This is also true if the kick is blocked and does not cr
No. By NFL Rule 7, Section 2: Article 1: Dead Ball Declared. An official shall declare the ball dead and the down ended when: [
It appears that you don't have to declare your intentions to enter the draft. There are certain stipulations in regards to eligibility, though. For example, you can be drafted when you graduate high-school, but if you enter a four-year college, you w
The first four is an appeasement of major conferences, basically. A recent SI/Time piece outlines a story from the late 80s. The basic tenant of the story was the major conferences had gotten together and decided that the bottom two conferences would
The 2016 NCAA football season begins Labor Day weekend. When is the 2016 College Football Preseason AP Poll release date? College football fans all across the country are bursting at the seams in anticipation for what expects to be another exciting N
College rankings sort of matter. NFL power rankings don't at all. There are a number of factors here, but let's examine what the two are, so we can make sure we know how apples to oranges this comparison really is
Notre Dame became Notre Dame because it was one of the best football schools in the early days of college football, when a great coach with a few interesting strategies could make all the difference in the quality of a school's team. They then manage
In the NCAA rules, the only description of the Ineligible Receiver Downfield penalty is below. It can only be called on a forward pass that crosses the line of scrimmage. Since a punt isn't a forward pass, the linemen are able to release as soon as t
Basketball is one of two sports where you may initially declare/be eligible for the draft but return to college (The other being baseball, which does not require players to declare and therefore players have not taken any action to reduce their eligi
I found an article at RPIRatings. com that has a list of college basketball teams that have played each other 4 or more times in one season. It is not a comprehensive list, but it is still pretty impressive as it has data going back as far as 1906