Colt 1911 Airsoft Gun Leaking Gas


The Spring Colt 1911 Pistol Airsoft Gun is one the highest quality spring powered Airsoft guns around. The heavy weight design gives the gun a remarkably similar weight and feel to the real steel. The Colt 1911 Pistol is based on the classic 1911 - the original side-arm of the US military. This Airsoft Gun is beautifully detailed with fully working safeties - as with the real gun, it will not shoot unless you are gripping it properly. The Colt 1911 Pistol is a spring gun and the slide must be cocked for each shot. Spring guns are very reliable, affordable and handsome guns, requiring no gas or batteries to operate. They are the most durable of all Airsoft guns because they have less pieces that can break. This is one gun that is realistic, reliable and a perfect secondary weapon! So what are you waiting for? Get the Spring Colt 1911 Pistol Airsoft Gun today!



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In my experience that is mostly likely a Nozzle issue. One way to tell if your mag is leaking; Fill your mag up all the way then stick it in a bowl of water. If no bubbles start emerging from the mag it is leak free. If they do, you know where the leak is and will have to replace the O ring in that area. Based on the other things you said, you can 1. Make sure to clean and relube your gun, if you are lucky this might fix it, and make sure to do this regularly. If that doesn't help, my next idea would be a cracked nozzle, in which you will have to buy a replacement part. Try to inspect the nozzle and see if you can identify any cracks anywhere on it. If you want more detailed answers, try going to and make a post, but make sure to read the the rules first. If you wanna PM me personally, contact /u/The_Mexx and I should respond within 24 hours. I hope this help...

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Make sure to visit my written post for this video with additional photos over on Another Airgun Shipping Container (Sea Can) Shooting video and for this indoor filed test I put the KWC - Cybergun M45A1 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol through its paces. What I am super happy about is that my Chrony Chronograph seems to be working really well as I tested a pellet, steel BB and Airsoft pistol out today and every single round through my Chrony got a reading :) Now back to the Field Test Shooting Review at hand. I started off by placing 5 shots through my Chrony Chronograph using a brand new CO2 with.20 gram Airsoft BB's and got a really consistent reading for all 5 shots with an average of 357. The lowest shot was 353 and the fastest shot was 364 so all shots where really close in velocity. The container temperature was a near perfect shooting temperature of 23 degrees Celsius which was ideal for optimal CO2 velocity testing. During my accuracy portion of this...

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Colt 1911 .45 Airsoft Blowback Replica Full metal slide and frame 340+fps with 0.20g BBs Semi-auto blowback action Adjustable hop-up Functional slide and slide lock Thumb and beavertail safeties Fully licensed Colt trademarks Synthetic wood grip with texturing 20mm underside rail is ideal for mounting tactical accessories

The Colt 1911 airsoft is a 1:1 replica of the Colt 1911. This CO2 blowback, 6mm airsoft pistol bears fully licensed Colt trademarks for added authenticity. The frame and slide are full metal, giving the pistol a realistic heavy weight and feel. The pistol features blowback function that causes the slide to shoot back as each shot is fired, just like the real firearm. The slide locks back after the last round of the magazine is fired, and lets you know it's time to reload. Thumb and beavertail safeties are built into the gun. An adjustable hop-up allows you to make precise changes and to get the most accuracy out of your gun....

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The Colt Full Metal Rail Gun 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Gun is a great option for a reliable airsoft gun in your airsoft build. This 1911A1 features everything that you would find on a real steel piece; everything from the iron sights to the beaver tail is present and full functional. The rear slide serrations and textured grip ensure that the user maintains a positive grip on the weapon even during high speed transitions and maneuvers. The slide also features engraved Colt Trademarks. The frame and slide are full metal giving the pistol a very realistic weight and feel. It features a blowback function that causes the slide to shoot back as each shot is fired, just like a real handgun. The recoil definitely kicks and makes the gun a blast to shoot. The slide will lock back after the last round of a magazine is fired, letting the shooter know that it's time to reload.

Internally, the parts are built to last and withstand the constant pressure from the CO2. Every trigger shot...

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Things I liked: Works and feel great. Functioning grip safety etc. Real wood grips will fit with some dremel work.Great for training for 1911.

Things I would have changed: It would be nice if the safety lever had a more positive feel for on and off. It works, but it does not have a clear detent. I just make sure I park my thumb over it when firing to make sure I do not engage it. Actually, this is good practice for me since I have engaged the safety while firing my real firearm 1911.

What others should know: I did not purchase this at Pyramyd, but happened upon it locally as sort of an impulse purchase. It was only after I had sourced it locally, that I looked at Pyramyd and found out that it was available here. Get it from Pyramyd if you want to purchase it. I have only had great experiences dealing with them.

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Things I liked: Full metal. Very realistic. Awesome blow back...

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All metal fully Licensed trademarked Colt 1911 Gas Blow back. Very realistic look and feel. If you are looking for a realistic side arm to complete any load out, this is the one to get.

Package Includes: gun, gun magazine, manual.

30 years after the introduction of the Colt .45 1911 Government model, World War II started and thereafter came the ultimate testing ground for the service pistol. Arming soldiers and officers as a self-defense weapon in the Pacific and in Europe, the .45 1911-A1 model passed the battlefield "tests" with flying colors. Some 7 years after the war had ended; the U.S. military brass considered the .45 cartridge an effective round but that the full-sized Government model that fired it was too large for officers and others of high rank to easily carry. Keeping the caliber and capacity, the model 1911-A1 was shortened by 5/8 of an inch, manufactured with lighter alloys and named after the personnel it was designed for, the Commander appeared and...

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