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LawsLaw 23 (Dead ball) doesn't say anything about umpires being struck by balls, other than: The ball becomes dead when [. .
In cricket, the term carry the bat (or carry one's bat) refers to an opening batsman who is not dismissed ("not out") when the team innings is closed. The term is mainly used when the innings closes after all 10 wickets have fallen; that is, the othe
Although i cant cite an official view on this but i think the order of using different technologies in DRS is based on logic of eliminating the options. DRS is mostly used in 3 situations, "caught behind wicket", "caught by close-in fielders" & "
Generally heavy weights are used for building bulk and low weights are used for toning/power. Based on how you want to build strength for your arms and the limitations that you have, I don't think the weights will help you much. You'll want to work o
Khandu Rangnekar, June 27, 1917, was widely considered the best Indian left-handed batsman of his times. Abhishek Mukherjee looks back at a domestic cricket champion, a badminton star, and an ambidextrous fielder. The story was narrated to veteran cr
The Australian Tri-Series refers to the one day international (ODI) cricket tournament held in Australia, and contested by Australia and two touring teams. The series is played during the height of the Australian cricket season, in the summer months
The rules regarding berth in the semi-finals/finals in case of equal points are defined for particular tournament. E. g
This page is designed to help answer your questions and find important information. About the NSR Kanga CupQ1. When did the NSR Kanga Cup start? The NSR Kanga Cup was first held in 1991 in Sydney but moved to Canberra in 1993
The player eligibility rules, while not set in stone, are based on avoiding any contractual conflicts between various parties connected to the CLT20. All participating players, nearly irrespective of their club, typically have to submit a NOC(No-Obje
It is a method is used in cricket to calculate the target score when the match is interrupted and the required quota is not completed. Most of the time this is used for matches which were stopped due to rain. An alternative method for this is Jayadev