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Answering your main question: Why some of matches remains tie and some goes to superover? The decision of keeping the match tie or go for tie breaker like Super Over depends on a particular series. Mostly, tie breaker is used in the series between mo
Duckworth-Lewis can be applied at any stage: the tables allow for the calculation of the par score after each ball, so a team could theoretically win on D/L after just one ball of their innings. However, in order to prevent teams winning on the basis
As I said in my previous answer, Zings, the new high-tech LED stumps, are very costly. The entire set-up during a match costs US$ 40,000. That's why Bronte EcKermann, the inventor of Zings doesn't allow players to uproot them after winning the match
The production will be among the most sophisticated ever too, with 28 cameras, including seven ultra-motion cameras, Spidercam as well as graphics with key analytics, all of which will take the viewer right to the heart of the action. The control roo
OK, so we all know that national anthems are hardly the stuff we’d normally choose to listen to, but today I ask you to suspend judgement for a few minutes, be patient and open the mind. the issue First a question: as you go about your daily business
I have been watching cricket on tv for years and have occasionally seen the commentary box. Usually, the camera will be behind the commentators and the image will show the commentators watching the match from a small room, and the players will also b
The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is underway and while most will prefer to spend their time in front of their television sets at home watching the big games live, if you're stuck in office or just don't have a TV, you can still watch all the Cricket Wo
Basically, it generates more money & more viewership. Some points to highlight the end result: If a match starts at 10 AM, then TV programs can start at 9:30 AM, covering the pitch-inspection, the coin-toss, etc. Here the walk-in ceremony will ad
Ten of the teams in the ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup are "seeded" teams. They are the 10 governing bodies of the ICC and known as "test teams" and they are automatic entries into the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup. These 10 teams are split up by the ICC
Net Run Rate (NRR) is a statistical method used in analysing teamwork and/or performance in the sport of cricket. It is the most commonly used method of ranking teams with equal points in limited overs league competitions, analogous to goal differenc