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From icc-cricket. com: Affiliate Members: Affiliate Members are the governing bodies for cricket of a country recognised by ICC, or countries associated for cricket purposes, or a geographical area (which is not part of one of those already constitut
YouTube is notoriously unreliable when it comes to records claims, so I am answering this question with a candidate for the longest six in international cricket that at least has a somewhat more reliable reference. I am not claiming this is the recor
Matching is a statistical technique which is used to evaluate the effect of a treatment by comparing the treated and the non-treated units in an observational study or quasi-experiment (i. e. when the treatment is not randomly assigned)
In cricket, a duck is a batsman's dismissal for a score of zero. Origin of the term[edit]The term is a shortening of the term "duck's egg", the latter being used long before Test cricket began. When referring to the Prince of Wales' (the future Edwar
There was a Cricinfo article which discussed the number of balls in an over, and which suggested (emphasis added): There is no recorded reason for the moves from four balls to five and from five to six. But it is understood that the shortness of four
How runs are scored and teams win a match In cricket, a run is running the length of the pitch, and is a basic means of scoring. A single run (known as a "single") is scored when a batsman (known as the "striker") has hit the ball with their bat and
The curve of a cricket bat has several functions
Doosra and teesra, both these bowling techniques were invented to deceive the batsman. Doosra and teesra both are Urdu words which means "the second one" and "the third one" respectively. Doosra is the technique use by an off spin bowler and it resul