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Rather than debating the benefits of sponsorship as some of these answers do the question ask "why" this happened and I think that is worth answer. Speaking about English football when sponsorship became a reality at clubs it did so in an era before
Can a player aged 19 play under 19 international cricket match? (Since 19 is not under 19) The age of the player is not determined during the world cup. It is determined on 1st of September before the world cup. E
From the Point Table of Asia cup 2014: Bonus Points The team that achieves a run rate of 1. 25 times that of the opposition shall be awarded one bonus point. A team's run rate will be calculated by reference to the runs scored in an innings divided b
Hit wicket is when a batsman dislodges the bails(or the stumps, which happens rarely), no matter how(may be with his bat, legs, gloves, helmet, etc. ), while attempting a shot or completing the follow-through of the shot. The only thing that matters
With spinners, many of the facing batsmen with try to smash it for six, usually over the spinner's head. Try placing a fielder at deep mid-on or deep mid-off. When the batsman mistimes the shot, the fielder can take a nice, easy catch into the bread
A no-ball is in fact added to the count of deliveries a batsman has faced. The only thing special about a no-ball is that a batsman cannot be dismissed (except through a run out). Since a batsman can score off a no ball and the runs are added to the
Welcome to the greatest game of all – Cricket. This site will help explain to an absolute beginner some of the basic rules of cricket. Although there are many more rules in cricket than in many other sports, it is well worth your time learning them a
As an umpire for cricket you are responsible for the calling of many intricate rules of the game. Cricket is a sport that is played around the world, in several different countries. Each country or territory may have different sets of training proces
TL;DR: It's a commonly used metaphor* borrowed from American baseball. In American non-baseball usage it can be used to joyously indicate incredible, 100% success; or it can be used facetiously to indicate complete failure with no successes. "In ever
Major differences between Twenty20 (T20) and Test cricket include: Duration - A Test match may last up to 5 days, and it is unusual for a Test to be completed within 3 days. T20 cricket lasts a matter of hours - perhaps around 3 hours. Results - A Te