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The strong side is the side where the Tight End is lined up. Usually the right side, to help the Right Tackle block and provide a check-down option to the Quarterback. Now, the (a bit) more long explanation: The Football rules require the Offense to
Simplest solution is to go for a strict force-a-side defense. There's at least some chance the defender can watch both the disc at the current handler and keep track of Bob's actions in the corner of the eye. If the marker on the handler enforces one
For the defense, there are three zones: the line (ends and tackles), behind the line (linebackers) and the backfield (cornerbacks and safetys. ) The x-y-z defenese refers to the number of men on the line, linebackers and backfield respectively, that
A baseball game is played between two teams -- the home team and visiting team. Often, the name of the visiting team's city is displayed across the front of the players' jerseys. Each team has at least nine players, and each player occupies a designa