Dismiss 10 players in an over in unique ways without conceding a run


As you've noted, the most common way for this to occur is a run out while attempting a second (or later) run, but there are a number of other ways:

A batsman being out stumped or hit wicket from a wide ball - see clause 16. For a recent example of a stumping from a wide, see India vs Bangladesh in the 2016 World T20:

9.3 Raina to Sabbir Rahman, 1 wide, OUT, oooh, Dhoni goes up for a stumping and he is very quick with those.

A batsman being out handled the ball, hit the ball twice or obstructing the field from a no ball - see clause 24. A batsman being out hit the ball twice or obstructing the field after having completed a run. (Hit the ball twice is even more unlikely than most of these as it cannot happen after a fielder touches the ball, but I think it could happen in some very convoluted...
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A unique item is an item with a specific name, unique artwork, and a predetermined list of modifiers. Unique items have the same implicit modifier as a normal item of the same type.

Unique items are meant to be less powerful overall than high-level rare items, but offer unique gameplay and allow special character builds to be based around them.

Currently there are 677 released unique items, including maps and items with modifier variants. For a timeline when each unique item was added see: Timeline of unique items

The official forum has also a good collection of information about uniques, links at the bottom.

Custom uniques are unique items specially crafted by members of our very own Path of Exile Community. These members were awarded the chance to create their one-of-a-kind items as a special thanks from GGG for purchasing either a Diamond Supporter Package during the Closed Beta phase of Path of Exile, an Eternal Supporter Package during Open Beta or...

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10. Ross Taylor v Abdul Razzaq (4,6,wd,6,wd,2,4,6)

It was possibly one of the worst deaths over blowing in the history of cricket world cup. In a group A match in 2011 world cup, at Pallekele, Ross Taylor caused a nightmare to Pakistan bowlers. New Zealand winning the toss opted to bat first, lost wicket in regular interval. But cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties, from the 44th over of the innings, Ross Taylor started exploding, hitting the ball around the Park, scoring 114 runs in six overs to notch up 302 for seven for New Zealand in 50 over. He first hit Shoaib for 28 runs before plundering Abdul Razzaq for 30, a new world cup record; till now Razzaq’s over is the 10th highest in terms of runs conceded in an over. The record could not even have happened; Taylor may end up without scoring a single run. He received two gifts from Pakistani fielders before he cruised to an unbeaten 131 run from 124 balls. Taylor edged the second ball of Shoaib’s second spell....

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On January 12, 1964, Ken Barrington and Brian Bolus stonewalled spectators to sleep as Bapu Nadkarni bowled 131 consecutive balls without conceding a run. Arunabha Sengupta remembers the day the scoreboard was brought to a virtual standstill with the left-arm spinner going on and on with metronomic accuracy.

There have been notorious misers in history and fiction. From Michaelangelo who slept with his boots on and denied himself the most basic creature comforts, to the preposterously thrifty young Andrew Carnegie, to the immortal Ebenezer Scrooge of Christmas Carol. However, just for his show on the cricket field, Bapu Nadkarni will stand shoulder to shoulder with the greatest stalwarts of this curious hall of fame.

Nadkarni’s career economy rate of 1.67 stands second only to Trevor Goddard among bowlers who have captured more than 30 wickets in Test cricket. According to H Natarajan on cricinfo, when playing Bapu Nadkarni’s left-arm spin, “batsmen had two scoring...

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HYDERABAD: Murali Vijay backed his red-hot skipper Virat Kohli to pile on the agony for Bangladesh after centuries from both players gave their visitors a harsh introduction to Test cricket in India on Thursday.

India were 356 for three at stumps on the first day of the one-off Test at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, with Kohli unbeaten on 111 and Ajinkya Rahane also still at the crease on 45.

Kohli has scored three double centuries since July and looks well placed to compile yet another mammoth score and compound the misery of the hapless Bangladeshi bowling attack when play resumes on Friday.

Bangladesh conceded 71 runs in the final 10 overs of the day as a rampant Kohli raced to his 16th Test century, capitalising on the solid foundations laid earlier in the day by Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara.

Their second wicket partnership was worth 178, with Vijay ultimately out at 108 and Pujara making 83, as the world’s number one ranked Test team looked...

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Alan Apted

Jarrod Monkley, the first bowler from the Karaka Cricket Club to take 10 wickets in an innings.

Jarrod Monkley has pulled off a cricketing miracle of sorts, taking out all 10 of the opposition's batsmen in one innings.

But as the 21-year-old Aucklander says, it's amazing he's even playing cricket having fallen six storeys off a building site in 2012 - breaking 38 bones in the process.

"It's a miracle that I'm alive and playing cricket. I was in a lot of pain. I was in such a bad way that doctors even told my parents that I was not going to make it."

The 21-year-old right arm medium pacer, dismissed the entire United team in their second innings for his Karaka side in a senior A match at the Karaka Sports Park in rural Auckland last Saturday.

* Lack of T20 explanation irks Ross Taylor
* Pakistan cricketers suspended from PSL
* India spinners weave winning spell
* Root, Stokes to lead England...

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Ben McDonald, an Under-15 cricketer of Australian club Williamstown CYMS, took four wickets in four balls and finished with an astonishing figures of 7/0 in his side’s Round 2 Western Region Junior Cricket Association clash with Manor Lakes last Saturday.

Sharing the new ball with his brother Adam McDonald, Ben claimed four wickets in his first spell including two wickets off the last two balls. Interestingly, Craig McDonald, the coach, also the father of the McDonald brothers, decided to give his ward a rest. By that time the opposition were tottering at 4-4.

Coming back later in the day, the bowler again captured two in two balls to make it four in a row. He then closed out the innings by dismissing the last wicket on the final ball of his fifth over to end up with overall figures of 5-5-0-7!

Speaking on the acheivement, Williamstown CYMS junior president Michael Jackson said it is the first occurance of a bowler registering 7 wickets without conceding a run...

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Published: 22:00 GMT, 25 February 2014 | Updated: 09:30 GMT, 26 February 2014

It was a night when, for Celtic, the dominoes tumbled down. First to go was Fraser Forster’s remarkable run of shut-outs. Next went any prospect of ending the domestic league season unbeaten.

For Aberdeen this was a deeply satisfying night. A first win over Celtic at Pittodrie in six years reaped a notable and deserved double just two weeks after eliminating Neil Lennon’s team from the Scottish Cup.

The impact of an 11th minute red card for Celtic’s key defender Virgil van Dijk can hardly be overstated.

VIDEO: Scroll down to watch Jonny Hayes' goal which ended Forster's record run

Elated: Aberdeen's Jonny Hayes celebrates after putting the home side into the lead

Every good thing has to come to an end: Fraser Forster, after breaking the Scottish record for the longest time without conceding a goal, was finally beaten just before...

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Developer EXOR Studios already have a couple of titles under the belt in the form of

Zombie Driver HD


Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition

. Both titles offered unique zombie-filled vehicular combat and the studios upcoming offering looks to offer another top-down experience of a slightly different kind with a title that mixes twin-stick shooting with tower-defense.

X-Morph: Defense sees the player taking on the role of an X-Morph. These are a particular alien species that will be coming to invade Earth, harvest its resources and "terraform the surface". Building different alien towers and construct mazes to slow down your incoming enemies. Destroy buildings and structures to help support your defense and satisfy your destructive needs, or, pull out a unique range of alien weapons and dive straight into the battle.

The setup phases that take place before each enemy wave will allow you to check which types of enemies are about to attack you and where they...

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1. Most expansive 10 overs by a bowler in an ODI:

Mick Lewis of Australia conceded 113 runs in his quota of 10 overs against SA at Johannesburg in 2006.

2. David Boon of Australia took 166 balls to score his century against India at Hobart in 1991-92 to score Slowest century ever in an ODI.

3. The most overs bowled in a test match without taking a wicket:
England's Maurice Tate (62-26-108-0 and 38-13-76-0) against Australia in Melbourne in 1928-29.

4. Between 8 October 19912 and November 2003, Bangladesh lost 47 consecutive ODIs. Most consecutive defeats for any team.

5. In test cricket, 5 batmen remained unbeaten on 99, two on 199. But Sir Don Bradman is the only batsman to remain unbeaten on 299. While Bradman was at 299, HM Thurlow, No 11 Batsman, unfortunately got run out depriving Bradman of his triple hundred.

6. 83 batsman were dismissed on 99, but Martin Crow of NZ was out on 299 against SL in wellington in 1991, only batsman to have...

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Barcelona returned to winning ways with a comfortable 2-0 win over nine-man Rayo Vallecano, as Claudio Bravo set a new La Liga clean sheets record.

The Chilean set a record for most Liga minutes without conceding by passing Pedro Artola’s previous record of 561 minutes. It means that Luis Enrique’s side have yet to concede a single league goal this season after seven games, setting a new club record as well.

Lionel Messi broke the deadlock after a competitive opening 20 minutes, in which Rayo gave as good as they got. However, Messi surged through their high line and lifted the ball over Tono to make it 1-0.

And less than a minute later the Catalans made it 2-0, with Neymar angling a shot into the bottom corner following some slack defending from the home side.

Rayo were reduced to 10 men when Jorge Morcillo was shown a second yellow card for a foolish foul on Neymar, with substitute Javier Aquino also shown a second...

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In the sport of cricket, a dismissal occurs when the batsman is out (also known as the fielding side taking a wicket and/or the batting side losing a wicket). At this point a batsman must discontinue batting and leave the field permanently for the innings. A bowling team dismisses (or bowls out) the entire batting team by dismissing 10 of the 11 players (assuming player(s) from the batting team have not retired hurt or are absent). As the players bat in pairs, when only one person is undismissed, it is not possible for them to bat any longer.

Once dismissed, a batsman cannot score any more runs in that innings. Thus dismissal is often the best way to control the runs scored in an innings, and prevent the batting side from either achieving their target score or posting a large total for the fielding side to follow in the next innings.

Additionally, in Test cricket it is usually necessary for a side fielding last to have dismissed ten players of the opposing team in...

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I have a complete solution, but the key part is that the title of this question has a wrong assumption.

Core Puzzle:

Team A scored 250 runs for 9 wickets in 50 overs. Team B was 250 for 0 in 49 overs. Eventually Team A won the match by virtue of losing fewer wickets. Hence Team B lost 10 wickets in 1 over. The main part of this question was no two players were dismissed in the same way. How is it possible to dismiss 10 players in an over such that all the dismissals are unique.


Dismiss 10 players in an over in unique ways without conceding a run

The title is not part of the original problem ; It is a wrong assumption that no runs have to be conceded.

Along the lines of your partial solution:
Wicket 1 is "Retired Out"
Wicket 2 is "Timed Out"
Wicket 3 is "Run Out (Mankading)"

Now the batsmen can do 3 things which give 5 penalty runs to fielding side :
Waste time (ball not even bowled), Damage the...

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Local storage pop-up question

This information applies to Adobe Flash Player on desktop and notebook computers. To change Flash Player settings on mobile devices, visit the Settings Manager for mobile devices.

Why do I need to answer this question?

The application that you are running in Adobe Flash Player wants to store some information on your computer, but it needs more space than is currently allocated. By default, every flash application is allocated 100 kilobyte system memory. If an application want to store more information it requests this by this pop up to save the information. Once you allow the application to store information, application can store as much information as it wants. Note that it is the person or company that has created the application you are using that is requesting such access, not Adobe (unless Adobe has created the application that wants to save the information). In the dialog box shown above, [website] represents the...

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Goalkeeper, often shortened to keeper or goalie, is one of the major positions of association football. It is the most specialised position in the sport. The goalkeeper's primary role is to prevent the opposing team from successfully moving the ball over the defended goal-line (between the posts and under the crossbar). This is accomplished by the goalkeeper moving into the path of the ball and either catching it or directing it away from the vicinity of the goal line. Within the penalty area goalkeepers are able to use their hands, making them (outside of throw-ins) the only players on the field permitted to handle the ball. Goalkeepers usually perform goal kicks, and also give commands to their defence during corner kicks, direct and indirect free kicks, and marking. Goalkeepers play an important role in directing on field strategy as they have an unrestricted view of the entire pitch, giving them a unique perspective on play development. If an attacker on the opposing team...

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Dexter Manley, the All-Pro defensive end for the Washington Redskins, recently came out with an embarrassing confession. He almost made it to the age of 30 without being able to read.

In his efforts to conquer the written page, Manley has been tutored and has gone to night school for the last four years at The Lab School of Washington. His teacher said he was at first extremely defensive, insisting he simply wanted to improve his vocabulary. But she quickly discovered that he was merely guessing at the words. Once Manley admitted just how poor his reading level was, he pursued his goal with what his teacher calls ''fierce determination'' and he arrived successfully at reading fluency. But the disturbing fact remains. As a functional illiterate, Dexter Manley somehow graduated from high school and somehow was accepted at Oklahoma State University.

Manley's public statement was embarrassing for him, but it was also brave. He says he...

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Six Notre Dame football players were arrested late Friday night and early Saturday morning in two incidents in Fulton and St. Joseph counties.

Five Irish football players were arrested Friday night at approximately 10:07 p.m. during a traffic stop in Fulton County, Indiana, carried out by the Indiana State Police. Fulton County is approximately 45 miles south of Notre Dame.

Senior safety Max Redfield, sophomore running back Dexter Williams, sophomore linebacker Te’von Coney, sophomore cornerback Ashton White and freshman receiver Kevin Stepherson were each arrested under preliminary misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana, while Redfield, Stepherson and Williams also face a charge for possession of a handgun without a license.

Irish senior safety Max Redfield takes down Pittsburgh quarterback Nate Peterman during Notre Dame’s 42-30 win over the Panthers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Redfield was one of six Irish players arrested overnight...

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