Do Ice Hockey commentators say score or scores?


The NHL has number of goals by period per team: -> Statistics -> Teams -> Season -> More -> Goals By Period.

In which part of ice hockey game most goals are scored?

For the 2015-2016 NHL regular season, here is the breakdown:

Period 1: 1787 (.726 goals per game during the first period) Period 2: 2255 (.917) Period 3: 2355 (.957)

For the 2014-2015 NHL regular season, here is the breakdown:

Period 1: 1874 (.762) Period 2: 2249 (.914) Period 3: 2290 (.931)

For the 2013-2014 NHL regular season, here is the breakdown:

Period 1: 1897 (.769) Period 2: 2245 (.913) Period 3: 2317 (.942)

Thus, with this three season sample size:

the third period has more goals scored during that time frame than the second period (but by no more than a 100 goal difference) note: the second period is amazingly consistent with...
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Ice hockey is a contact sport which is played on ice, and the objective of the game is to put the puck in the opponent's net more times than them. Being an avid fan or an aspiring fan of ice hockey, familiarizing with the game play terms mentioned here would be highly helpful in understanding the game better. Since the game is played on ice, it is popular in Arctic countries and places where there is a seasonal ice cover. Canada, northern parts of the United States, and some European countries are heavily involved in the sport of ice hockey. The terms and rules are easy to understand, and aids one in understanding the game accurately.

List of Ice Hockey Terms

Here are some of the most commonly used terms and phrases for you. These cover the basic aspects of the game, and come in handy when you are watching a game of ice hockey and wondering what the commentator is saying.

ASSIST: A pass to a player who immediately scores a goal. The player with the most assists...

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"Bob Cole", (born 1933 in St. John's, Newfoundland) is a Canadian television announcer.

Bob Cole was the lead play-by-play announcer for Hockey Night in Canada 'HNIC' on CBC, usually for Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senator games, from 1980 (when he took over from Bill Hewitt) until 2008 (when Jim Hughson took over). Aside from Leafs games, he is also a staple for the CBC during the Stanley Cup playoffs. He had broadcast every Stanley Cup Finals since 1989-2008, when he was replaced by Jim Hughson. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1996 as the recipient of the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for broadcasting excellence.[1]

Cole received an honorary Doctorate of Laws from Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's in 2002.

Broadcasting Edit

Cole began broadcasting hockey on CBC Radio in 1969 and moved to television in 1973 when HNIC expanded its coverage.

Catch phrases Edit

Some of his more famous phrases include...

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Ice hockey and field hockey are two of the most popular and well-known forms of hockey. Both are played at the Olympic Games, although field hockey is played at the Summer Olympics and ice hockey is played at the Winter Olympics. Like field hockey, women's ice hockey is a non-contact sport, but men's ice hockey is a full-contact sport in which heavy collisions often occur. Players skate over the ice at high speeds, so the game is fast, rough and exciting to watch. As a result, it's become a major spectator sport, especially in North America where it is a billion-dollar industry. This industry, as well as the sport itself, is run in North America by the National Hockey League (NHL). But in the rest of the world, the sport is governed by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).


Even though Europeans had skated on ice for centuries, and played hockey-like games for just as long, the two weren't combined until early in the 19th century. This happened in...

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Keith Hillary "Jonesy" Jones (born November 8, 1968) is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player. He is currently a hockey studio analyst for NBCSN and a color commentator for Philadelphia Flyers games on sister network Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia. In 491 NHL games, Jones produced a total of 258 points between 1992 and 2000.

Playing career[edit]

Jones was drafted in the seventh round, 141st overall, of the 1988 NHL Entry Draft by the Washington Capitals. He played his college hockey at Western Michigan University, and professionally for the Capitals, Colorado Avalanche and Philadelphia Flyers. He played in 491 NHL games, scoring 117 goals and assisting on 141 others for a total of 258 points.

Sportscasting career[edit]

Beginning with the 2005–2006 NHL season, Jones has worked as an in-studio TV analyst alongside Bill Clement for The NHL on NBC (formerly The NHL on Versus). In addition to his duties at NBCSN, Jones also works for...

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... Underwater Hockey
Underwater Hockey, as played at the University of Guelph, is a game played by 2 teams of 6 swimmers wearing snorkelling gear and using a short stick to chase a brass puck along the bottom of a swimming pool. Equipment consists of snorkel, face mask with safety glass, fins, playing stick (10 to 14 inches long), protective glove on the stick hand and a head-cap with ear protectors. A plastic coated or brass puck is used with two goal troughs at opposite ends of the swimming pool. It is a non-contact sport.

... Uniform
Pittsburgh Penguin's first NHL coach Red Sullivan was pretty annoyed when the club's management introduced a black, blue and white uniform which vaguely followed the markings of the little bird. "If we play a bad game," Sullivan predicted, "the sports writers will say we looked like a bunch of nuns skating around out there."

To be sure the nickname did not present the swashbuckling image of the baseball...

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When Wieslaw Jobczyk came to the Spodek Arena, it was a return to the place he scored a hat trick in Polish hockey’s biggest win, against the USSR.

The win didn’t come in an exhibition game. It didn’t come against the Soviets’ reserve team. It was this month 40 years ago when the then new and futuristic arena in Katowice hosted the 1976 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship and Poland opened the tournament against the then best national team in the world.

The arena opened just five years earlier and Poland got the event because the original host Vienna, Austria, offered to withdraw since Innsbruck filled in for Denver to host the 1972 Olympics.

The Soviet “Red Machine” was virtually unbeatable and won Olympic gold for the fourth time in a row just two months earlier. One of the results en route to gold: a 16-1 win against Poland. The Soviets had won 12 of the 13 last World Championships and starred players like Vladislav Tretiak, Valeri Kharlamov, Boris...

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Edwardsville forward Tyler Schaeffer, right, scores in the second period to pass his cousin for the all-time lead in program history.

Edwardsville forward Tyler Schaeffer, right, scores in the second period to pass his cousin for the all-time lead in program history.

Edwardsville forward John Paul Krekovich, right, delivers a big hit near the boards in the first period.

Edwardsville forward John Paul Krekovich, right, delivers a big hit near the boards in the first period.

EAST ALTON -- Tyler Schaeffer scored his record-breaking goal, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for the Edwardsville Tigers.

Career goal No. 127 for Schaeffer was the first of two goals scored by the Tigers in a span of 40 seconds late in the second period to break a tie with Chaminade. Edwardsville tacked on an empty-net goal in the 4-1 win at the East Alton Ice Arena.

“It’s about time,” said a laughing Schaeffer, who hadn’t scored since Dec. 2. “It’s about...

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Legendary Canadian ice hockey player Gordie Howe, who was nicknamed "Mr Hockey", has died at the age of 88.

Howe spent most of his career with the Detroit Red Wings, winning the Stanley Cup four times.

He was in the top 10 of scorers for 21 consecutive years and was named Most Valuable Player six times, before finally retiring in 1980.

Howe was also named an NHL All Star 23 times and was inducted into the hockey Hall of Fame in 1972.

Gordie Howe died just before 08:00 on Friday at his son's home in Ohio, according to Sportsnet and CBS News. CNN reported his son Marty as confirming the news.

Howe's death was confirmed on the Twitter account of the Detroit Red Wings but it did not provide details on the cause.

Gordie Howe had suffered a stroke in 2014.

He made his debut in 1946, played 26 NHL and six World Hockey Association seasons and held many of the scoring records until the rise of fellow Canadian-born legend Wayne...

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I believe that when commentators shout "score!" when a player scores, it's more often than not preceded by "he shoots". Therefore, what the commentators really say is: "he shoots, he scores!". But they say it at a very rapid pace that to any regular audience, it might sound like just "score!".

Also, goal and point in ice hockey are two different things. A goal is a point but a point is not neccessairly a goal. A point can mean either an assist or a goal. Therefore, a player's statistics, or his contribution to the team's goal tally, is measured most of the time by his point total. For example, a player can have 10 points in the season, which he scored 7 goals and has 3 assists for example. But in ice hockey, a player can still get an assist if he assists the assister (I hope this is clear). For example, when referring to basketball terms for example, an assist is the player who makes a direct pass to another player who scores a basket. In ice hockey, a player can get an...

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7 - Joe Malone, Quebec, January 31, 1920, at Quebec is the most in NHL history. Joe Malone, was the greatest scorer in the early history of the NHL, Malone began playing pro

…fessional hockey in 1909. He became captain and coach of the Quebec Bulldogs in 1911 and promptly led them to two consecutive Stanley Cup championships. He scored 9 goals in one of the 1913 playoff games. After the Quebec team folded, Malone joined the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL's first season, 1917-18. He scored 5 goals in their first game and ended the season with 44 goals in 20 games. The Quebec franchise resumed play in 1919 and Malone returned to the team. On January 31, 1920, he scored 7 goals in a game, still the NHL record, and he had 6 goals in the last game of the season. He led the league for the second time with 48 points on 39 goals and 9 assists. Malone returned to Montreal for one season, went to Hamilton, Ontario, for another, then played with Montreal again in 1922-23. He retired...
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I have been thinking lately how to talk and write about sport results or the score of a game.
Here is how I have figured it out, what do you think?

England is leading/is losing/lost/won (by three to one / 3 - 1)
England is leading/is losing/lost/won (by three goals to one / 3 - 1)
England is leading/is losing/lost/won (by one goal to zero/nil / 3 - 0)
England is leading/is losing/lost/won (two nil/zero / two to nil/zero / 2 - 0)

The match/game/score is now even 3-3 (three three / three to three) in the second half .
The match/game/score is now even 3-3 in the third period (ice hockey).


This is how I would say them
England is leading/is losing/lost/won (by three to one / 3 - 1) - England are leading/losing/lost/won three one.
England is leading/is losing/lost/won (by three goals to one / 3 - 1) - OK
England is leading/is losing/lost/won (by one goal to zero/nil / 3 - 0) - by three goals to nil/ England are...
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The trick for any commentator is to capture a game's spirit. This is a common point of contention with some of our most prominent voices, particularly the multi-sport guys. Jim Nantz does golf well because he wasn't programmed to express emotion, but this doesn't work as well for the NCAA Tournament or NFL. Joe Buck was oft criticized for not making the big moments big enough, particularly in the wake of the Helmet Catch where he sounded like someone offering a great deal on aluminum siding, although he's gotten much better in the years since. Still, properly conveying exciting moments without coming off as disingenuously shouty -- one particular Gus Johnson-shaped commentator comes to mind -- is what commentating is all about: you know the famous calls and the legends they make, both on the field and behind the mic.

On this front, there's no one better than Mike "Doc" Emrick, NBC's lead play-by-play announcer for the NHL on NBC, who will take his talents to the airwaves...

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Michael "Doc" Emrick (born August 1, 1946) is an American network television play-by-play sportscaster and commentator noted mostly for his work in ice hockey. Emrick is currently the lead announcer for NHL national telecasts on both NBC and NBC Sports. Among the many awards he has received is the NHL's Lester Patrick Award in 2004, making him the first of only five to have received the award for media work, and the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award by the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2008. He has also won four national Emmy Awards (the only hockey broadcaster to be so honored with even one), and on December 12, 2011 became the first member of the media to be inducted into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame.[1]



Emrick earned a B.Sc. in speech from Manchester University in 1968, a M.A. in radio/television from Miami University in 1969. He then received a Ph.D. in Communications (radio/television/film) from Bowling Green State...

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- While Amrit Gill was growing up in a Vancouver suburb, watching "Hockey Night in Canada" was a family staple that brought three generations together. Her parents and grandparents were immigrants from India, but ice hockey -- with its similarities to field hockey, one of their native country's most popular sports -- connected them all, despite the language barrier of the broadcasts.

"My grandmother did not speak a word of English," Gill said. "But she could tell you what a goal was and who was winning or not because the game was just so electric that you do get revved up watching."

One day in 2009, the then-teenage Gill heard there was a television broadcast of hockey in the Punjabi language. She didn't quite believe it at first, but it was true. There was a Punjabi ice hockey broadcast -- not English, not French, Punjabi.

"I turned it on, and for all of us sitting there, it was a moment of shock and almost disbelief because we...

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How to fill out a NORCAL score sheet
2016-2017 Season
Chuck Collins

This is a guide for managers, coaches, referees and score keepers to help you to correctly fill out a NORCAL game sheet.

A properly filled-out game sheet is required for all NORCAL games, be they pre-season, regular season, exhibition or playoffs.

Managers / Coaches

Pre-game please make sure the game identification is filled in: game #, date, time, rink, teams, division (Squirt, Midget), level (B, A, Tier) coach must sign, and include his/her coaching certification number and level please make player names and numbers READABLE manager or coach should fill out names, not players fill out roster in ascending numerical order by jersey players are not required to sign the score sheets. By his/her signature, the coach is guaranteeing that the list of players is accurate a player serving a game suspension SHOULD be listed in the regular place on...
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