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You can buy nose clips on Amazon, a lot of swimmers use them. I don't know what they are like but from what I read some people use them if they have allergies to chemicals in a pool. That could be the problem you are having? Here is an excerpt from a
Chapter 5, Part II of the Olympic Charter covers the rules regarding participation in the Olympic Games. The actual details of the requirements for qualifying for the Olympics varies by sport, but the Charter discusses the general procedure. Each cou
No matter what level of skier or rider you are, or what type of skis or board you ride, everyone needs wax. From ski racers to noobs lapping the bunny slope, wax is the common thread connecting all manner of winter alpine snow sliders. Unless you are
That ski helmet appears to be an uvex wing rc (or similar). The first cycling helmet appears to be a Kask Mojito variant. Note that both companies make both kinds of helmets
A 3D tennis game by Wandah. Play different game modes like a single game or full tournament and slam your way through the levels. Play as just a head in this unusual tennis game
The Olympics has strict rules against advertising on uniforms by athletes of all sports. These are outlined in the Olympic Charter, Rule 50 (Advertising, Demonstrations, Propaganda). This rule covers all sports
At first glance, skeleton and luge look very similar. Both sports involve people racing down the ice track on tiny sleds, the only obvious difference between them being that luge riders race on their backs, feet first, and skeleton riders race on the
There are different types of ski, snowboard or winter socks for infants, toddlers, to teens for every winter sport and activity. As a matter of fact, snowboarders and skiers can be quite particular about the right pair of winter socks. Children's Ski
The entire purpose of using track spikes is simply to increase the traction you have on the track surface. Imagine you tried to run on ice with your running shoes. You're not going to have any traction and you're not going to get very far
I've only been playing table tennis/ping-pong for about ~3 months now at work. Some of these guys are brutal when it comes to spin. While I have gotten a lot better at handling top/bottom spin, I am still trying to get a handle on some of the side sp