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Shinguards came about because soccer used to be played literally with boots, big huge things, and the preferred method of kicking the ball was with the toe. If you missed, you kicked the shins. That changed in about 1950 with the introduction of mode
com/2013/03/13/cairollers-bring-roller-derby-to-egypt/ ^ Whittaker, Richard. "Electric Skaterland: Austin births a Roller Derby revolution Austin Sports". AustinChronicle
Unless you want to start spending a lot of money on strings - don't start using natural gut and fall in love with it. It's by far the most expensive string out there - it runs $50 USD (or more) a set. If you're looking for more comfortable strings, l
Choosing the right tennis strings can be confusing. There are hundreds of different kinds of strings on the market. In this article I want to simplify things and help you find the right string for your game! So let’s have a look at the different type
I haven't heard much of anything about the balls being faster - but there are definitely other factors that have contributed to serve and volley (S&V) becoming a much less common playing style in tennis these days. The balls used across ATP tourn
A cricket bat is a specialised piece of equipment used by batsmen in the sport of cricket to hit the ball, typically consisting of a cane handle attached to a flat-fronted willow-wood blade. The length of the bat may be no more than 38 inches (965 mm
In the NFL, the crossbar is located 10 feet off the ground. The goal posts are 18 feet 6 inches apart. This is common for most other outdoor professional leagues
Match kits (shirt, shorts and socks), both at the national and club level, are designed and determined in advance. Bigger clubs have new designs pretty much every year, most likely to sell more shirts whereas national teams usually get a new design f
FIFA's laws continue to state that 'The ball may not be changed during the match without the authority of the referee. ' However as you may have seen during the FIFA World Cup as well as other competitions, many associations have accepted the Multiba
For those unaware of what longboard bearings are, bearings are what make the wheel spin as the longboard moves. A longboard is made up of 3 main parts: the deck, the trucks, and the wheels. The bearings function as the connector between the trucks of