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Assuming you're talking about the 'armor' some batters wear (not a purely supportive brace made out of terry cloth or similar), the leg brace is usually to shield the batter from a ball striking his leg, often caused by a foul off of a ball in on the
Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa is in hot water for using a corked bat in last night's game versus Tampa Bay. How does corking a bat help a hitter? Corking a bat lightens the lumber, which in turn increases bat speed and, the conventional wisdom hold
According to this article: The kit man takes three shirts per player to each game – one per half, plus a spare for emergencies. Afterwards, he collects and launders them, ready for next week. For big games, the club permits the players to swap or kee
Yellow and red cards were first introduced into the game of table tennis in 1991. Yellow and red cards are shown by umpires and referees to players and coaches who break the rules or misbehave during the course of a match or tournament. Rule 3
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Differing suits might provide a benefit, but I think that would be offset by your overall skill level. Older swimsuits and skins increased the amount of drag on the body, which is a bad thing for competitive swimming. I noticed a big difference in dr
Always start choosing your equipment with the boots. Because you're quite tall(6'2" ~ 188cm), I assume you have big feet as well. Find boots that fit your feet good
The PDGA Technical Standards, Rev. 5/14/2014 contains this language on the material permissible for discs manufactured for PDGA competition: (2) be made of solid, non-magnetic plastic material, without any inflatable components. Electronic components
Not exactly. You can be sure that you will throw your faster discs further than your putters, but actually the farthest disc will be the disc that is most suitable with your arm speed and technique. Furthermore in discgolf the distance is not the onl
Looking at the Brannock Device sizing chart here, it appears that no further information is given other than the shoe size. Unfortunately, feet are all very different and the problem with a specific number is that it assumes certain proportions betwe