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I can speak to athletics/track and field, the sport I sometimes cover. Most events at a professional level and NCAA events at the national level require athletes to pass through a "mixed zone" after competition. This is (usually) a divided space with
There's not going to be anything really governing 'serving hard' as ethical or not ethical. I played volleyball for 6 years, so I eventually had a pretty good serve as well. In PE class, or at parties (4th of July, etc
This is an interesting question, one that I (have) had myself earlier in my tennis playing days. After a certain point, I was a good enough player to easily be able to see when someone had bad form, bad habits, or just not enough experience to know w
In my recent question, I received the answer to whether a 1-point penalty was actually applied in official rules. Philip Kendall provided that it was considered impolite conduct and the offending team could lose service and be deducted a point. That
I freely admit, I think I know every thing. Every. Thing
Not to be confused with cheapies, cheap characters are a variant of character that are overpowered and easily capable of defeating opponents. Some cheap characters are unintentionally cheap, and are the possible result of poor programming. Use of che
Handling Difficult SituationsHandling Difficult StudentsThe ABCs of Bullying PreventionAsk Dr. Shore Aggressive Incidents (Prevention)Aggressive students can engender a climate of fear in the classroom, creating anxiety among other students and distr