Finished first Marathon training. Now what?


Hal Higdon has a ton of training plans. Here's his one for multiple marathons.

The specific answers to your questions is to do what you want while listening to your body.

Higdon's plan for two marathons two weeks apart has a 1 -2 hour run on the weekend in between. That could be an half-marathon. It's hard to tell before your marathon if your body will feel up to a Half a week later, but if it is, a Half sounds like fun.

If you have time to keep up with the long runs while still doing shorter runs in the week, I would recommend keeping up with them. You don't want to be doing 2 -3 hour runs on the weekends and nothing during the week. And then when you sign up for your next marathon, you're not starting from scratch.

You'll want to sign up for your next marathon about an hour or two after you cross the finish line. Go for it. Read the multiple marathon training...

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Many of those finishers are veteran marathoners, having run the distance several times over a number of years. For them, the post-marathon experience is like an old friend: they know what to expect, and how to get beyond it.

Many others, however, are first-time marathoners, who came to the event with little, if any, background in running and racing. Most of them came through a beginner’s training program, often built around charitable fundraising. For them, training for and completing a marathon has been a new experience, full of revelations and exhilarations, as well as difficulties, questions and concerns. Buoyed by the challenge of the marathon, and perhaps by devotion to a charitable cause, they have spent months in preparation without necessarily knowing what was around the corner. Now the long runs are over, the informational meetings are finished, the fundraising completed, and even the big day itself has come and gone. And they are faced with a new question: Now...

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