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On Tuesday, FIFA announced that it had punished four clubs for breaches of third-party ownership (TPO) rules. TPO, which became illegal under FIFA rules in May 2015, is the practice of a club selling a share in a player to a third party -- usually a
This is what I found on forfeits over two legs; according to fifa. A team sanctioned with a forfeit is considered to have lost the match by 3-0. If the goal difference at the end of the match is greater than three, the result on the pitch is upheld
The extra time added is referred to as 'injury time' or 'time added on'. It can be added before the end of both halves of 45 minutes and is determined by the referee. From the start of the match, in soccer, the clock doesn't stop regardless of what h
Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud snatched his side a point with a late equaliser against Manchester United and in doing so wrote his name into the club's history books. The Frenchman entered the fray in the 73rd minute at Old Trafford with the Gunners
The 2014 Copa del Rey Final was the 112th final of Spain's premier football cup since its establishment. The match was an El Cl
If the top teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City or Liverpool have a big list of injured players not actually available for selection, then they may be more vulnerable. Maybe an injury was picked up in training, maybe they r
Sports are so lucrative for the reasons you mention (huge ad revenue). But you fail to mention the reason the ad revenues are so high. People don't Tivo sports
If I understand the rules correctly, whenever a player receives red card, he is suspended for the next match. The same is true for 3 yellow cards. See, for example, here
Published: 11:21 GMT, 1 July 2013 | Updated: 17:55 GMT, 1 July 2013 Premier League football next season could be thrown into chaos as a FIFA amendment to the offside rule has caused concerns among leading officials and could add to further confusion
Yellow cards and Red Cards are given to players when they indulge in indiscipline - (making rash tackles on other players, arguing with the referee, wasting time, taking their jerseys off while celebrating, indulging in fights with other players). La