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The UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (abbreviated as CWC) was a football club competition contested annually by the most recent winners of all European domestic cup competitions. The cup is one of the many inter-European club competitions that have been organis
It's very hard to pick the quickest player in the EPL. It also depends if you measure the run without the ball or with the ball. To sum up the answer, Theo Walcott is probably the fastest but it's inconclusive
i, for one, would like to see more regional competitions. maybe eliminating europa league completely and building up conferences, like south europe, north europe, central europe, etc and creating groups with more teams from each part (maybe 4-5 teams
The 40-yard dash is a sprint covering 40 yards (36. 58 m). It is primarily run to evaluate the speed and acceleration of American football players by scouts, particularly for the NFL Draft but also for collegiate recruiting
cihanelmasri List of best corner kick takers in association football. The Top Ten 1David BeckhamBend it like Beckham, nobody bends the corner kick like David Beckham with such great speed and spinning action. There is nothing the defending team can d
Marvin Andrews, the Trinidad and Tobago football(soccer) player famous for having a "miracle" and "healing" his left knee ligament with "the force of God", was elected player of the year by Rangers in the season 2004-2005. However, he was subsequentl
There is an offside rule in (ice) hockey, which essentially means a player cannot just hang out the attacking 1/3 of the rink and wait for the puck to be passed to him. There is also an offside rule in rugby which seems to differ a bit with respect t
Wikipedia article on "offside" is very comprehensive and largely based on the official FIFA's Laws of the Game. From the article: what it is: Offside is a law in football which states that if a player is in an offside position when the ball is touche
Posted by Doug Drinen, Exclusive to Footballguys. com It's an extremely common question, both before and during the season: if my #1 receiver is, say, Roy Williams, and if Calvin Johnson is atop my cheatsheet when it comes time to draft my second rec