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Hey thereI got Josh Murphy in my team and he already has quite a good left foot. I want to use him as inside forward on the left (already got 2 great IFs on the right)However, he is just 1 or 2 points away from being "two footed" I guessone of my coa
Andrea Pirlo comes up with 18 titles if you count only club and international titles. He's won numerous individual awards as well. Also an olympic bronze :) My second guess would be Thierry Henry, who has had an impressive career of 23 titles, includ
How the Castrol Index is calculated The Castrol Index tracks every touch of the ball by a player on the field and assesses whether it has a positive or negative impact on a team’s ability to score or concede a goal. A key factor for all areas of perf
Maddie Hinch and Matt Prior (pictured) took part in a unique training session[GETTY] The match was made by Investec, the specialist bank and asset manager which sponsors Test cricket in England and women’s hockey in the UK. The training session was r
Black Angels (Edition Peters, New York, no. 66304, copyright 1971), subtitled "Thirteen Images from the Dark Land", is a work for "electric string quartet" by the American avant-garde composer George Crumb. It was composed over the course of a year a
Main Character Page open/close all folders Bastion - ??? Real Name: SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54, “Bastion" Age: 30 Occupation: Battle Automaton Base of Operations: Unknown Affiliation: None Originally created for peacekeeping purposes, Basti
Every four years, the European soccer championship overlaps with Wimbledon, which means that European tennis players can expect to be peppered with questions about their national teams, their viewing habits, their favorite players and their predictio
Introduction Soccer is a ball game played by two teams. The ball is advanced with the feet, that’s why the sport is also called football. As not to confuse it with other variants of football, e
The elite competition is expected to get a headline sponsor, but only from next season There will be no headline sponsor for the Ghana Premier League this season, Ghana Football Association vice president George Afriyie has revealed. The topflight ha