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To answer your question, we must first recognize that a game is 90 minutes long; not more, not less. Some people might think that a game is 90 minutes + overtime, but that's not true. A game is 90 minutes long, and the added time is there to compensa
The spray is an aerosol containing menthol. Menthol cools, and the act of spraying aerosol is cooling. (Boyle/Charles/Combined Gas Laws -- when the pressure of a gas is reduced, the temperature goes down
Of course there are rules. This is FIFA you're talking about, there are always rules. Simple enough, FIFA states that the playing equipment, which comprises of a jersey or shirt with sleeves, shorts, socks, shinguards, and footwear, may consist of no
Shinguards came about because soccer used to be played literally with boots, big huge things, and the preferred method of kicking the ball was with the toe. If you missed, you kicked the shins. That changed in about 1950 with the introduction of mode
The children are mascots. Each club may employ a different policy about how to become a mascot, but generally includes some of the following criteria; Whether you are a season ticket holder/ member Between a certain age Whether it's your birthday, et
The timeline shows the major events in the match. I will try to explain by using few events as shown in your example timeline. The number in bracket always indicates the respective player’s jersey number
Soccer in the United States is governed by the United States Soccer Federation, commonly known as U. S. Soccer
Looking for a World Cup favorite? All you really need to know is this: The World Cup gets underway Thursday in Sao Paulo, and it’s really hard to beat Brazil in Brazil. Today we’re launching an interactive that calculates every team’s chances of adva
There is no one-true way to shoot in football, the only correct way is the way that works (i. e. the way you can score the most with)
Given that almost all European contracts are drawn until the 30th June of a given year (due to the new football season in most of Europe starting on 1st July), technically both Frank Lampard and Ochoa are still club players. The reason they are repor