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No doubt his fan club, the ones who take to Twitter to excuse his transgressions at every turn, will once more be leaping to his defence. No doubt those who dare suggest he is perhaps a little ill-disciplined will be put right, told they are merely p
posdef's answer is pretty much correct. I tend not to use the term "dangerous play", as it sounds a lot like "playing in a dangerous manner", which is a different offence where no contact is made and a player is unable to play the ball for fear of in
The amount of calories you need to burn to cover any given distance is the same regardless of whether you haul ass or you take a leisurely stroll (roughly 70-80 per km, depending on body weight). Properly, you burn more the slower you go, but that is
The answer LifeHacks gave is correct but somewhat incomplete. What you are asking is a winger that plays on the "wrong" side judging by the foot preference. Typically you'd want a left-footed player to play on the left side and a right footed player
SahuKahn has correctly pointed out that additional time is added on for substitutions, assessment of injury to players, removal of injured players from the field of play for treatment, wasting time and any other cause (which seems like an overly libe
I know that my answer is rather late and I like Orangecrush's answer as well. However, I don't think all of the factors of their descent in power has been in their control. To complete the suggestions of Orangecrush's answer, one has to go back a cou
A penalty card is used in many sports as a means of warning, reprimanding or penalising a player, coach or team official. Penalty cards are most commonly used by referees or umpires to indicate that a player has committed an offense. The referee will
No, this is not sudden death. Overtime is only played in the knockout stage (anything match after group stage). If the score is tied at the end of regulation, Overtime will be played
Below is a list of players who have won multiple FIFA World Cups. Brazil's Pel
Belgium is a country with three official languages (Dutch, French and German), all of which are used in practice by significant portions of the population, largely divided by geography. Of course, football players come from all different regions. How