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No No that is just crazy. If your offensive line laid down that might be the last snap your QB plays. When my oldest son was playing pee-wee football he was so fast and low off the ball (smallest kid on the team) that no one could block him
In addition to the historical reasons, the reason that not only do you have to have 7 men on the line, but you have to have a particular seven men, is to avoid confusion about who is eligible to catch a pass. From the rulebook, rule 7 section 5: Sect
Both Ronan's and user2184's answers are about right. The captain exits first because so that they can shake the ref's and other captains hand before the rest of the team. This because they are supposed to lead by example and,although it is not seen i
I am part of a team that plays in an amateur league that also has a playoff at the end of the season. Our team is consisting of fit players that are not very tall but can run around a lot. However, not everybody can show-up to all of the games and so
The strong side is the side where the Tight End is lined up. Usually the right side, to help the Right Tackle block and provide a check-down option to the Quarterback. Now, the (a bit) more long explanation: The Football rules require the Offense to
For the defense, there are three zones: the line (ends and tackles), behind the line (linebackers) and the backfield (cornerbacks and safetys. ) The x-y-z defenese refers to the number of men on the line, linebackers and backfield respectively, that
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This is a more complex question than I initially thought, and most of that stems from some weird wording in the NFL rules. The provision that allows the QB to throw the ball away once he's outside the tackle position refers specifically to that - "th
I don't think I agree with Pat Kirwan here at all, unless you have more context for that quote. Anyone who watched LaDainian Tomlinson play knows that a running back in the I formation is a capable receiver. The Chargers used the I formation and stan