Has the Super Bowl ever been played on the opening day of the Olympics?


It depends how closely you want to define "home."

If we say that a home Super Bowl would be one that takes place in the same metro area as a team, then two teams have had a home Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XIV (1979-80) at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California saw the L.A. Rams lose to Pittsburgh. Super Bowl XIX (1984-85) was at Stanford Stadium in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in it San Francisco beat Miami.

If you require a home Super Bowl to be one that takes place at the home stadium of the team, then Miami and Houston have gotten the closest: they have each lost in the playoffs only two games away from a home Super Bowl.

A team entering the playoffs in a year that its stadium was hosting the Super Bowl has happened 7 times:

Super Bowl V (1970-71) in Miami: Dolphins lost first round. (2 games away) Super Bowl XIII (1978-79) in Miami: Dolphins lost first round. (3 games away) Super Bowl XXIX (1994-95) in Miami: Dolphins lost second round (2 games away)...
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Rio de Janeiro with its loud, boisterous and always colourful carnival atmosphere or Mexico City amid the lively sounds of mariachi bands and the accompanying chants of exuberant spectators?

Any of these three locations could very well end up playing host to a Super Bowl in years to come if the National Football League's (NFL) strategy to expand the sport globally continues to gather pace.

Pie in the sky? Many pundits think so, given that the NFL will remain King of the Hill in the United States for the foreseeable future where its television ratings are richly prized. The league's impact elsewhere is still open to debate.

Miami Dolphins' Cortland Finnegan (C) celebrates a touchdown against the Oakland Raiders during their NFL football game at Wembley Stadium in London, September 28, 2014 (Reuters)Reuters

"While a non-U.S. staged Super Bowl is not out of the question, I can't see it happening within the next 15-20 years at least,"...

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New England Patriots’ Tom Brady raises the Vince Lombardi Trophy. (Darron Cummings/AP Photo)

The entry point of Tom Brady’s professional football career made sense late Sunday night, as he stood on the podium, confetti falling on his shoulders, and cradled another Lombardi Trophy, the totem of his fifth Super Bowl title. NFL teams passed on Brady 198 times in the 2000 draft. Everybody knows that by now, but on this occasion it warrants repeating. They didn’t overlook him because every NFL team is run by idiots. There was no readily available reason to want him. He was scrawny, he couldn’t throw much of a deep ball, and he ran like a gawky teenager.

How can you blame someone for not seeing something that’s invisible? What made Brady a viable NFL player, and then a starting quarterback, and then a Super Bowl champion, and then the greatest of all time, is the same thing that landed him on that podium Sunday night. Brady is a product of intelligence and diligence, but...

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By Karen Rosen | Jan. 30, 2017, 7:05 p.m. (ET)

Nate Ebner poses for a portrait at the Olympic Training Center on July 21, 2016 in Chula Vista, Calif.

No one has ever had six months quite like Nate Ebner.

While all athletes strive to reach the pinnacle of their sport, Ebner did it twice and in two different sports – rugby and football – with no time off between.

The bookends to Ebner’s sensational six months are the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on Aug. 5 and Super Bowl LI on Feb. 5.

Ebner played for Team USA in the Rio Games, scoring two tries as the Eagles finished ninth in the inaugural Olympic rugby sevens tournament. He’ll be a safety/special teams player for the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons in Houston on Super Bowl Sunday.

“When I set out to play for the USA Rugby team, that was a daunting enough task in itself just to make that team,” Ebner said. “Then to actually play in the Olympics, that...

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The U.S. may be better equipped than ever to, for the first time, top the medal standings at a Winter Olympics held outside North America.

Three primary reasons. First, that the Winter Games are being held far away from traditional European powers Germany and Norway. Second, that rival Russia is dealing with a doping scandal that could limit (or eliminate) the participation of some of its stars in PyeongChang. Third, a continued American stronghold on new freestyle events on the Olympic program.

If the U.S. is to win the most medals in PyeongChang, these 18 are among the likeliest athletes to contribute:

Mikaela Shiffrin, Alpine Skiing: Became the youngest Olympic slalom champion in Sochi. Currently leads the standings for the World Cup overall title, which annually crowns the world’s best all-around skier. Should contend for at least two medals in PyeongChang.

Lindsey Vonn, Alpine Skiing: 2010 Olympic downhill champion and winningest female Alpine skier...

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The NFL is popularly viewed as a sport league, with the Super Bowl the culmination of a year’s efforts and successes. In terms of viewer interest, its rivals are events like the Oscars, the opening ceremony of the Olympics, the World Cup final or even the presidential election results.

But first and foremost the NFL is a business, whether it’s negotiating player contracts, televising games or hosting the Super Bowl. And that is something that should be kept in mind, from host cities to fans.

It seems that every year at this time the NFL puts out a story on how much the host city will gain from its hosting efforts, generally finding the city gains about $700 million.

It’s a parlor game among economists to determine why their estimates are so exaggerated.

Independent analysts suggest that the host city will incur expenses of about $50 million and net income in the area will increase by about $100 million.

Economists might get excited about those...

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That picture is from the end of the halftime show when Chris Martin shit into his flower Underoos because he finally realized that inviting Beyonce and Bruno Mars to do the show with him was a bad idea because nobody’s going to remember his ass.

Coldplay opened the Super Bowl halftime show tonight and the only thing I remember about them is that Chris and the band were wearing clothes that should’ve never ever been made in adult sizes and their part of the performance was like the opening of the Olympics in Beijing if the opening of the Olympics in Beijing had the budget of a $25 gift certificate to Cost Plus World Market.

After Coldplay threatened to put Ambien out of business by putting every bitch to sleep, the slick Hobbit that is Bruno Mars did an MC Hammer impersonation and Beyonce busted out her new song “Formation” while in chorus girl Michael Jackson drag. Beyonce and Bruno Mars’ parts melded into some kind of weird ass West Side Story dance-off before Chris...

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At a time of political acrimony that just won’t quit, the Super Bowl still brings the country together. Last year, 112 million people watched the game, according to Nielsen. The next-biggest TV event, the first presidential debate, drew 84 million viewers, an audience differential that’s literally the size of the population of Texas. Whether you come for the game, the ads, or the nachos, the Super Bowl is one of the last truly mainstream cultural events on the calendar.

And unlike the political debates, when America sits down to watch TV together on Sunday, it will see nothing jarring. Just a bunch of familiar faces, mostly men of grandfather age. The average age of the Fox broadcast crew is almost 55, the second-oldest ever to handle the big game. Former coach Jimmy Johnson, now 73, will become the oldest person to cover a Super Bowl on television, besting John Madden by a few months . Here’s a look at every person ever to mic up for the Big...

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The SVP of music and advertising will work up until and through game time.

After Super Bowl Sunday, Tom Eaton, it seems, will need a long vacation. Since mid-November, the SVP of music for advertising for Universal Music Publishing Group and his New York based team have been working increasingly more intensely with music supervisors and agencies on finding the perfect music from their catalog of nearly 3.5 million songs to accompany ads for this year's big game—the most watched (114 million viewers last year) and expensive (expected to be more than $5 million per 30 seconds) broadcast television event of the year.

"The last couple of weeks have been insane— around the clock, lots of calls on weekends," says Eaton who has worked at UMPG for the past nineteen years. "It seems this year the process was pushed back a little bit more than normal. In January we were still discovering agencies and brands that were going to be advertising in the Super Bowl. And...

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Earlier this week we presented our choices for the 10 most overrated events in sports and we asked you to offer your choices.

Page 2 readers responded with more than 700 e-mails. Below we've listed your top 10. Be sure to vote in the poll at right to crown the No. 1 most overrated event in sports.

1. Pro Bowl (62 letters)
Many players haven't seen action for a month, and have been recovering from the beatings of the 16-game season (not training for a game versus the best players in the NFL). The only reason these guys would want to worry about their physique for this month is because they get to spend a week in Hawaii, which means partying and being at the beach ...

Speaking of the beach, isn't that where Robert Edwards blew up his knee? Sure, it could have happened anywhere, but you can't tell me the thought of a career-ending injury in a glorified scrimmage hasn't gone through the minds of the players. Thus, the players play safe, and don't go all out...

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Houston (AFP)

New England Patriots safety Nate Ebner may have missed out on an Olympic medal in Rio de Janeiro six months ago.

But as consolation prizes go, a second Super Bowl ring in the space of two years wouldn't be too shabby.

The 28-year-old safety and special teams player will cap a whirlwind journey on Sunday when he lines up for the Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons, just over a year after switching back to rugby to pursue his Olympic dream.

Ebner, who grew up playing rugby, representing the United States at various youth levels, earned a place on the USA sevens squad in Rio, where the Americans came within a whisker of upsetting Fiji before being eliminated from medal contention in the group stage.

Yet while the USA's Olympic medal quest ended in disappointment, Ebner returned from Rio with a treasure trove of memories.

"Just being at the opening ceremony, representing your country in a foreign place, that was pretty special,"...

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The Super Bowl is superfluous this year. Who needs a reality show about violence, domination and sexism, not to mention brain damage, now that we have Trumpball, actual reality that not only authenticates football’s authoritarianism but also transforms us from bystanders into victims? Before this game is over, the players may swarm the grandstands and beat the hell out of us.

Pro football actually helped prepare us for the new president’s upset victory by normalizing a basic tenet of jock culture: Anyone not on the team is an enemy, the Other. And it’s open season on opponents, the fans of opponents, critics and women (unless they’re cheerleaders or moms). Trash talking is the lingua franca of this Trumpian moment, bullying the default tactic.

Yet pro football has also provided us with the single most vivid image of current American resistance to racism. Last summer, before a pre-season game, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat during the national...

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No, this has never happened.

Until 2002, the Super Bowl was always played in January, and the Winter Olympics almost always begins in February. Now that the Super Bowl is played in February, the events are closer. Since 2002, the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies has been scheduled for a Friday, and the Super Bowl is always scheduled for Sunday. In addition, since both the Super Bowl and the Olympic Opening Ceremonies are worldwide television events, it is unlikely that they would ever schedule both events for the same day.

This year, with the Super Bowl on February 2, 2014, and the Sochi Opening Ceremonies taking place on February 7, the two events are as close as they have ever been, although they were just as close in 2002, when the two events occurred on February 3 and February...

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The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL). The game is the culmination to a season that begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year. Normally, Roman numerals are used to identify each game, rather than the year in which it is held. For example, Super Bowl I was played on January 15, 1967, following the 1966 regular season. The single exception to this rule is Super Bowl 50, which was played on February 7, 2016, following the 2015 regular season. The next game, Super Bowl LII, scheduled for February 4, 2018, will follow the 2017 regular season.

The game was created as part of a merger agreement between the NFL and its then-rival league, the American Football League (AFL). It was agreed that the two leagues' champion teams would play in the AFL–NFL World Championship Game until the merger was to officially begin in 1970. After the merger, each league was redesignated as a "conference", and the game has since been played...

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The Super Bowl curse or Super Bowl hangover is a phrase referring to one of three things that occur in the National Football League (NFL): Super Bowl participants that follow up with lower-than-expected performance the following year; teams that do not repeat as Super Bowl champions; and host teams of the Super Bowl that have never advanced to the title game on their own home fields.

The phrase has been used to explain both why losing teams may post below-average winning percentages in the following year and why Super Bowl champions seldom return to the title game the following year. The term has been used since at least 1992, when The Washington Post commented that "the Super Bowl Curse has thrown everything it's got at the Washington Redskins. The Jinx that has bedeviled defending champs for 15 years has never been in better form".[1] The phenomenon is attributed by football commentator and former NFL manager Charley Casserly to such elements as "a shorter offseason,...

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The 1976 Olympics are probably the closest example available. According to Wikipedia, Denver was originally scheduled to host the 1976 Winter Olympics:

The games were originally awarded to Denver in May 12, 1970, but a 300 percent rise in costs and worries about environmental impact led to Colorado voters' rejection on November 7, 1972, by a 3 to 2 margin, of a $5 million bond issue to finance the games with public funds.1

Denver officially withdrew on November 15, and the IOC then offered the games to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, but they too declined owing to a change of government following elections. Whistler would go on to be associated with neighbouring Vancouver's successful bid for the 2010 games.

Salt Lake City, Utah, which would eventually host in 2002, offered itself as a potential host after the withdrawal of Denver. The IOC, still reeling from the Denver rejection, declined and selected Innsbruck, which had hosted the 1964 Winter...

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Most modern day NFL legends have experienced the thrill of lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy at least once in their careers but a handful fell short of that ultimate experience.

Nearly all players on this Atlanta Falcons’ roster are experiencing their first taste of the controlled chaos that is Super Bowl week. Starting with Monday’s Super Bowl Opening Night (formerly media day), through events, parties and even a football game on Sunday, the Falcons players will endure something that some football legends even dream about.

This will be the seventh time in the Bill Belichick era that the New England Patriots will be appearing in the Super Bowl. They’ve won four of those games. Because of those seven appearances and four wins Tom Brady is certain to be remembered decades from now as one of the greats to ever play in the NFL.

Matt Ryan and his teammates have spent the past few seasons being recognized as a good to above average team. A win on Sunday will...

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NBC Sports' coverage of the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Games is shaping up to be a Victoria's Secret supermodel reunion.

Gisele Bundchen, the world's leading supermodel and wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, will star in the "sexiest ever" Opening Ceremony, according to Britain's Daily Mail.

About 1 billion worldwide are expected to watch Bundchen, a former Victoria's Secret model, strut her way into Rio's Macarena Stadium on Aug. 5.

NBC previously announced that its adding Brazilian supermodels/actresses Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima to its TV coverage with Ryan Seacrest.

Gisele will be the "living embodiment" of "The Girl from Ipanema" song. Brazilan soccer legend Pele will also be on hand to light the Olympic flame.

TV viewers should expect to see thousands of "nearly naked women" dance the Brazilian samba during the risque ceremonies, according to the Daily Mail:

Stunning Gisele, 35, who announced she was...

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