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Usually it is a logistics issue. Consider the same question, as to why almost all marathons are usually pavement/road based. It is very hard to find 26
The Australian Tri-Series refers to the one day international (ODI) cricket tournament held in Australia, and contested by Australia and two touring teams. The series is played during the height of the Australian cricket season, in the summer months
What are all the over formats used in ODI history? As already mentioned 40, 45, 55, 60, 50 and 35 overs. When did the 50-overs format for one-day international matches comes in practice? I didn't find any source or article where it is mentioned. But
From Appendix-d For a batsman, items permitted are a protective helmet, external leg guards (batting pads), batting gloves and, if visible, forearm guards. So batting gloves are permitted (as everyone know). Now inner gloves are not necessary to wear
We thought we’d check in with the record books and a kind spokesperson at Guinness World Records had this to say: “This isn’t something we currently have a record for but is something we would monitor, however the FA Trophy – which was the competitio
In tennis, a golden set is a set which is won without dropping a single point. This means scoring the 24 minimum points required to win a set 6–0, without conceding any points. In professional, top-tier tennis, this has only been accomplished seven t
YouTube is notoriously unreliable when it comes to records claims, so I am answering this question with a candidate for the longest six in international cricket that at least has a somewhat more reliable reference. I am not claiming this is the recor
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The source of my answer defies summarisation, but in this answer I'll put the current convention. I really suggest reading the source (hopefully still available when you read this) for an interesting history. Now many teams have adopted following con
The point values were chosen to give the desired relative weight between a free throw (1 point), a field goal (2 points), and a three-point goal (3 points). Originally, when Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891, goals were worth