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Directed and produced by Alec Morgan, it won several international and Australian awards. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation did not air it for two years. The film is now standard fare in educational institutions, and has been highly influential
This fact filled site is full of Olympic trivia. Below are some of the highlights. For more trivia, see also Olympic Firsts and Oldest and Youngest, plus heaps more sections
Disclaimer: I head growth at Dribble, this was written by one of our Dribbler Bloggers, Mihnea Todosie. Since England have been woefully knocked out of ANOTHER tournament, I think it’s time to truly break England’s failures into 8 parts - this time f
As long as there have been people, there has been wrestling. Nearly every culture has some form of it used for contests internal and external to the group. Wrestling is one of the most basic sports, and is probably the oldest
This article articulates your point and provides some of the data you might be looking for with both the male (ATP) and female (WTA) tours. As of now (July 2016) there is only one teenager ranked inside the top 50 in the world on the ATP World Tour -
On Aug. 3, 1936, Jesse Owens launched his way into sports stardom at the Summer Olympics in Berlin, where he racked up his first of four gold medals in the 100 meter sprint. As legend goes, German leader Adolf Hitler snubbed the African-American athl
According to OlympStats. com, it was only the 8th time that two gold medals have been awarded in a single event at the Winter Olympics. In the most famous case, both Russia and Canada won gold in the pairs figure skating event in the 2002 Olymipcs, a
The Jamaican superstar won gold at both 100m and 200m at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, the first man in history to claim the sprint double at consecutive Games. He also won 4x100m relay gold at both Games, and will attempt to win three golds for the th