How do you master the hang technique?


I suspect this may not be the answer you were hoping for, but here it is.

Based on your question, I am going to assume that you are still learning some techniques and that you have not yet reached a level of advanced proficiency at the guitar, and that you are not an otherwise advanced player who is struggling with one specific technique. Please let me know if I'm wrong.

When you master picking, your hand will be relaxed as you see in this video. The tension and pain are from trying to push your body to do something it has not yet mastered. As you master this technique, it will become easier and easier and you will expend less and less energy. And yet the advice to "try less hard" is not very helpful for you right now. But what you can expect as you get these techniques down is that mastery will be marked by ease and relaxation.

You may not be able to "learn" this technique in the sense of using disciplined practice over a short period of time to acquire it....

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When you think of high jump, no one uses the straddle roll anymore.

The last time we saw that technique being used was Vladimir Yashchenko (2.33m & 2.34m World records from 1977-78) or Valeriy Brumel (2.23-2.28m World records from 1961-63)

In the long jump, most Elite men (if not all) use the hitch kick. The Hang technique is still commonly used in women.

If you want some great examples of the hitch-kick, go to the previous articles on Irving Saladino or Ivan Pedroso 9 meter Long Jumps.

When was the last time you saw a world class man use the Hang technique in the long jump?

I say USSR’s Robert Emmiyan from the late 1980’s.

Here is his long jump from the 1987 World Championships on YouTube:

UPDATE: Sorry, the video is no longer on YouTube.

He even jumped 8.86 meters in ideal conditions – Altitude and +1.9m/s wind – using the hang technique, just 4 centimeters shy of Bob Beamon’s 8.90 WR from 1968. Here is that...

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UPDATED 21.11.2008

Part I - Chapter 5

Technique: Basic Right Hand Techniques

Hi all! Welcome back to the second article on technique for beginners... Last week, we discussed left hand expression techniques. This week, we are going to look into some technical aspects of the right hand. The techniques for the right hand that we are going to learn, are not necessarily expression techniques though!

What are we going to learn then? First of all, we are going to look into a very important technique that you will absolutely need FOREVER if you use a pick. Then, I'm going to learn you a specific expression technique that requires the use of your right hand only. Finally, we are going to look into a phenomenon called "anchoring".

So, a little overview of today's menu:

01. Alternate picking: for those using a pick, this is the most important technique you are going to learn today, and possibly ever!
02. Palm muting: this one is, in fact, a right...

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Article by Farah Afza Jurekh

We explore 10 awesome YouTube tutorials to master hand drawing.

Hand drawings …

Article by Farah Afza Jurekh

We explore 10 awesome YouTube tutorials to master hand drawing.

Hand drawings are simply the visual translation of the thoughts of our creative minds. In architecture, hand drawing is one of the most powerful and essential tools. The sketches and drawings of architects should be able to speak, obviously metaphorically; it means that they should be able to communicate with our clients. It must be a medium to express and convey our thoughts and ideas.

Now, if you are a beginner, I will suggest that you read this wonderful article; The Complete Beginners Guide to Improving Your Hand Drawing by my colleague Carlos...

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We reveal the biggest card trick secrets of the pros with easy step-by-step tutorials. From misdirection sleight-of-hand techniques to advanced shuffles and flourishes, card handling abilities are an essential skill any great magician must possess.

Learn simple tricks beginners can master in just minutes or expert level techniques performed by professional magicians like David Blaine and Criss Angel.

The tricks below are separated into sections depending on what kind of moves you are looking for.

What Type of Card Tricks Do You Want to Learn?

Essentials (Basic Required Slights)

If you’re interested in becoming serious about card magic, there are a few moves that are essential to master. These are sleight-of-hand techniques that are frequently used in more advanced tricks.

Casual (Easy Magic Tricks)

Looking for some easy tricks you can learn in minutes with minimal practice? These moves are very simple to pull off and don’t require...

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Doug's Secret Vault of Guitar Technique Tips

The following tips are free.

Guide Fingers. More than you ever wanted to know about guide fingers. Tone Color, Part 1 of 3. The great Spanish guitarist Andrйs Segovia once described the guitar as a miniature orchestra. This technique tip will teach you how to produce an incredible variety of tone colors to bring out the best in your guitar playing. In Part 1, I explain and demonstrate seven parameters you can learn to use to change the color of a plucked note. Each is illustrated with a beautifully produced video. Step Practice. This month I demonstrate a practice technique that can help you learn almost anything, from sophisticated pieces like the Bach Chaconne to the guitar part of Peter, Paul, and Mary's Puff the Magic Dragon! Some call it the "step-practice" method. It is a simple concept, but effective. Scales, Part 1 of 2. "The practice of scales enables one to solve a greater number of technical problems...
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The following interview was published in the book "With The Artists" in 1955. To my knowledge it is the only documented interview with Dounis ever made and probably occurred in the early 1950s in New York City.

Interview with D.C. Dounis

Dr. Dounis divides his teaching time between his studio in New York City and classes at various universities, as well as conducting master classes in Europe.

He very much enjoys discussion of technical problems. As he talks, he walks back and forth erectly, one hand in his jacket pocket , the other freely in motion to express his point with emphasis. His keen eyes sparkle behind their glasses. Short and rather stocky, with soldierly bearing, he exudes dynamism. He dresses distinctively well.

We began with an analysis of left hand problems. “To my mind,” Dr. Dounis said, “left hand technique is based on three things, in this order: A correctly produced vibrato, correct shifting and articulation of...

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by Rob Thorpe

This lesson drills the different manoeuvres that the picking hand may encounter in playing situations. Developing these techniques enables the execution of any ideas that you may have while improvising and help you to master alternate picking technique.

Exercises can be rather unmusical to practice, so to keep a goal in perspective I have included a rock style solo etude which combines the various picking exercises in a more musical environment, and I encourage you write other similar etudes to practice your various techniques in a musical context.

1, 2, 3, and 4 note per string shapes, inside and outside picking, string skipping, double picking, accents, odd rhythmic groupings.

Al Di-Meola – fusion picking legend

Recommended Listening: Great guitarists for hearing this technique in action include:

Al Di Meola (Elegant Gypsy), John McLaughlin (Birds of Fire), Steve Morse (What If), John Petrucci (Scenes from a Memory), Paul...

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This is a good book. The prose is simple without some of the flowery descriptions beloved of some authors. The contributors are all American and most are well known and respected hand surgeons. It has an air of experience and gives the impression that the authors know what they are talking about. For instance, the chapter on tendon transfer for radial nerve palsy simplifies nicely what can be a rather daunting subject in larger texts.

This book is aimed at specialist orthopaedic hand surgeons who are already familiar with hand surgery, both trauma and elective, but any aspiring hand or trauma trainee would find it invaluable. It is the sort of book one might browse through at a hand surgery conference and want to buy. It follows a predictable format; for most of the chapters the reader very quickly gets a feel for how to treat a particular condition from the superb diagrams.

The book has been carefully edited to conform to the style of this series (Master techniques...

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10 Guitar Picking Mistakes You Must Avoid To Master Your Guitar Technique - Part 2

If you missed the 1st part of this video, watch it on this page about guitar picking technique.

In part 1 of this video, you learned several critical mistakes that will cripple your picking hand technique and speed. You learned how to make your guitar picking technique feel much easier by minimizing excessive tension, why not to anchor the fingers of your picking hand on the body of the guitar and how to make your picking technique powerful and articulate.

Now it’s time to go further. In this second part of your guitar picking technique video, you will learn:

the worst piece of advice many guitar teachers give about picking hand technique (you will always struggle with your picking if you follow it) how adjusting your picking hand position by a fraction of an inch will make the difference between your picking technique being slow and sloppy or fast and effortless how to...
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A direct path must be maintained between the filter and the area inside the hood where the manipulations are being performed. Air downstream from non-sterile objects (such as solution containers, hands etc.) becomes contaminated from particles blown off these objects. To best illustrate this very important point click on the two examples of proper aseptic technique: (manipulation of a vial and an ampoule).

The hands should never obstruct airflow around the area where the needle enters the vial or ampoule. Also, when pulling back the plunger of a syringe, the fingers should not come in contact with any part of the plunger--except the flat part at the end. Poor manipulation of the syringe is the most frequent cause of contamination.

Always minimize clutter. Waste and other items should never enter the hood. All calculations should be done before entering the...

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How to Barbell Row with proper form: pull the bar from the floor against your chest while you’re bent over.

Proper Barbell Row form starts with the bar on the floor. Bend over and grab the bar with your palms facing down. Pull the bar against your lower chest while keep your torso horizontal. Return the bar to the floor on each rep. Barbell Row five sets of five every StrongLifts...

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Dear Shira:

The Question

Shira Responds

Dear Desperate:

When I was new to belly dancing, I too had trouble getting belly rolls to work! Now I can do them and walk and talk at the same time with a sword on my head! Here are the things that helped me master them — maybe one of these exercises will help you.

The reasons people have difficulty learning rolls often include one or more of the following:

Many belly dance teachers don't know how to explain them effectively. Some people have weak abdominal muscles. A sedentary lifestyle can cause this. It's difficult to operate a muscle that is weak. Some people don't have much flexibility in these muscles. The muscles need to be loose and able to flow when standing upright. The person has only used the muscles to pull herself out of a chair, or to keep her balanced when standing upright. She doesn't know how to link her brain to those...
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This little tip may just change your life!

Okay, maybe I’m being a little overdramatic. Maybe…

But you WILL love this picture frame hanging tip!

Where I learned this tip:

While on maternity leave (which is sadly coming to an end soon), I had HGTV on in the background nearly every day. On one of those days I happened to look up when

Get It Sold

with Sabrina Soto was on. You know, its the one where Sabrina stages homes for hopes of a quicker sale. Well, she preparing to hang frames on the wall when she whipped out this homemade tool to mark the perfect placement of the frame on the wall!

So I decided to make my version of this tool.

Sabrina had a long piece of wood that looked like an extra thick paint stirrer, and to one end she had a screw screwed into it. I decided to make a scaled down version with a nail and a clothespin since most of the photos I hang aren’t any larger than an...

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Barbell Rows are safer than Power Cleans. Many people injure their wrists, elbows and shoulders doing Power Cleans because they lack flexibility. Power Cleans require more time and effort (and often a coach) to master proper form. Barbell Rows are easier to learn and build your upper-body muscles more than Power Cleans do. Many gyms lack the equipment to drop the bar safely on Power Cleans.

Power Cleans can be useful for athletes who must be explosive for sports. But you can develop power faster and more easily by increasing your Squat and Deadlift. Power Cleans are fun if you’ve spent the time and effort to learn proper form. But if you just want to get stronger and build muscle, Barbell Rows are better. That’s why Barbell Rows are part of StrongLifts...

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Prepare the walls

Make sure that bare walls are sound, clean and dry. Fill all holes and cracks using Albany Filler, smoothing down the surface when it is set. Seal porous surfaces either with diluted Albany Wallcovering Adhesive or with a wall size, following instructions given on the packet, and allow to dry.

Why use lining papers?

Most manufacturers will recommend the use of a lining paper for a really professional job (normally 1000 gms). If your walls have previously been gloss-painted or covered with any oil-based paint or sealer it is a good idea to apply a lining paper to give a more absorbent surface for you wallcoverings to adhere to.

In addition, a good quality lining paper (there is a wide choice in the Albany range) should always be used with heavy wallcoverings or special finishes such as grasscloth, cork, hessian, handprints or flocks. Specific instructions for these will be given on the roll.

Walls that are in poor condition,...

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